Star Rail’s new groundbreaking missions cope well with Tingyun’s role

The 1.2 Honkai: StarRail Trailblaze Missions started by completing the story of Xianzhou Luofu, thereby drawing more attention to Tingyun as well. The Foxian has followed the members of Trailblazer and Astral Express throughout their time in the area. Even when she didn’t speak up, she was a steadfast leader, always standing by her “benefactors.” Not to mention that their usefulness as a four-star entity endeared them in other ways as well. Now that we’ve seen HoYoVerse’s latest look at her character, it makes the story even more intriguing.

Editor’s Note: There will be Honkai: StarRail Tingyun spoilers based on the 1.2 Trailblaze mission below. This includes screenshots from the plot.

Once the Desolate Depths of Despair groundbreaking mission “Topclouded Towerthrust” begins Honkai: StarRail, Tingyun’s share seems to be rather small. She plays essentially the same role as in that part of the story. It follows Trailblazer, March 7th and the world, providing guidance and insights into the Xianzhou Luofu.

However, as Fu, only short-lived individuals can safely be around her, as those thought to be long-lived would suffer mara in her presence. But when we want to eliminate the danger, Tingyun accompanies us. Even when March 7th and Welt ask her to stay behind for safety, she strangely rebuffs them.

Once we eliminate the threat and confront Dan Shu and her followers of the Sanctus Medicus, characters from the story of the Trailblaze mission, about a group trying to ensure immortality, the truths will emerge. Tingyun as we know it Honkai: StarRail, is not the real Tingyun. Or maybe not anymore. She is the Antimatter Legion Lord Ravager Phantylia and the one behind the Stellaron problem on the Xianzhou Luofu. And frankly, it’s all handled really well.

Honkai: Star Rail's new groundbreaking missions handle Tingyun's role well

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First off, it doesn’t make it clear that Tingyun is acting weird. Since she is new to us, there is no evidence as to whether she is atypical or not. Previously, we had seen in previous Trailblaze missions that anyone could secretly support the Disciples of the Sanctus Medicus. So the germ of suspicion was there. However, we never suspected that someone really close to us might take part. The plot actually seemed to indicate that only Dan Shu.

However, once it starts teasing that something is wrong, it does so in a way that you would only notice if you were paying attention. Fu Xuan makes it clear how dangerous Mara is for the long-lived species. We’ve seen previous main and side quests showing the degradation. That Tingyun is so anxious to stay by our side when it may be extremely dangerous for her is setting off big alarm bells Honkai: StarRail. But because she’s been so dedicated to supporting us up until now, there’s still a chance she could be honest.

There’s also the matter of disclosure. Tingyun is always sort of in the background, barely visible when the Trailblazer and Fu face off Xuan Dan Shu. Once she drops the mask, we get these amazing visual shots of her new persona. More importantly, we experience that moment when she turns to face us that is so harrowing that it instantly changes everything. It shockingly sets the tone for what’s next. The “vessel” that may or may not be the real Tingyun is absolutely dead Honkai: StarRail. It’s pretty effective.

It’s also clever that HoYoVerse quoted the question “Is Tingyun dead?” in the Honkai: StarRail Pioneering Mission. It strongly suggests that “our” Tingyun is most likely not the real one. That’s a question people have probably been asking themselves for quite some time. Since Welt was there during the events and made a statement, the developer is basically letting us in on the secret. Yes, in all likelihood, Tingyun is still alive and well. Certainly at the moment there are doubts about exerting a little more pressure. However, the seeds sown help create a bit of a cliffhanger and inspire the sequel.

Honestly, it’s also a good excuse for an extra Tingyun. The one we met is a four-star Harmony Lightning character. When you think about it, it suited her role in the Xianzhou Luofu Trailblaze Missions pretty well. She was a supporting figure who was always “there”. Modest. Guide. knowledgeable. Until the time came strange and Phantylia revealed herself. But since this one is somehow based on someone else, it could be an excuse for a five-star tingyun with an alternate version.

We’ve already seen this with another character. A Dan Heng variant also appears in the 1.2 Trailblaze Mission quests. His original release was a four star member who joined our group for free. So who’s to say that if the real Tingyun ever shows up, it won’t get a five-star version? Her four-star version is already one of the most popular and highest-rated four-star characters in the game due to her energy battery nature, and recent events will likely only make her even more popular.

It’s just an interesting turn of events Honkai: StarRail and Tingyun. The twist came out of nowhere considering how helpful she was. It connected the storyline of Disciples of Sanctus Medicus and Dan Shu with the main missions of Trailblaze. It’s also set the stage for an additional cliffhanger to wait for, and perhaps hopes for another alternate character as well. However, considering how long it could be until the next part Honkai: StarRail In the plot, it will probably take some time before we learn if Tingyun is really dead or not and see her again.

Honkai: StarRail is available for PC and mobile devices and a PS5 version will be released in 2023.

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