“Star Trek” director Marvin J. Chomsky dies at the age of 92

Marvin Chomsky


Director Marvin J. Chomsky prepares a scene.

Marvin J. Chomsky, the prolific Emmy Award-winning film and television director whose credits include three episodes of “Star Trek: The Original Series,” died Monday, March 28, at the age of 92, as reported was reported by meeting and other reputable entertainment news sources. Chomsky’s son, producer Peter Chomsky, confirmed the news, stating that his father died in his sleep at a hospice in Santa Monica, California.

Chomsky earned his place in Star Trek history for directing three Season 3 episodes: And the Children Shall Lead, Day of the Dove, and All Our Yesterdays. In And the Children Shall Lead, the crew of the USS Enterprise encountered a group of young children who seemed unaware that their parents had died. Later, on the ship itself, they not only dealt with the children and their unique powers, but also with their so-called “friendly angel”, an evil being named Gorgan. The famous lawyer Melvin Bellewhose clients included Lee Harvey Oswald’s assassin Jack Ruby and Mick Jagger, played Gorgan in a weird stunt casting.

The director, in a 2006 interview for the Visual History of the Directors Guild of America Program, working with Belli as a theme. “He walked in and I said, ‘Okay, let’s do this rehearsal,'” Chomsky recalled. “I said ‘Action’ and Melvin didn’t know what to do. I said, ‘Mr. Belli, you have to start the dialogue.’ He said, “What dialogue?” I said, ‘You got a script, didn’t you?’ He said, “Oh yeah, I knew I was going to say certain things, and I just…I’ll make it up as I go along.” I said, ‘Well, that’s not how this system works. This actor right here needs to know when you’ve finished speaking in order for him to speak. And he has to finish speaking before you speak so you don’t overlap. And if you overlap, I have to put a microphone on him’ and so on and so forth. He was very, very unsettled. Little did he know that actors had to memorize their lines. They thought it was a casting coup. It was, apart from that. But I don’t like surprises on camera.”

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In Day of the Dove, an energy creature that feeds on aggression pitted the crews of the Enterprise and a Klingon battlecruiser. Michael Ansar delivered a memorable performance as Kang, captain of the Klingon ship, while Susan Howard played the formidable Mara, Kang’s wife and their ship’s science officer. Howard has the honor of portraying the first ever female Klingon on Star Trek.

"day of the dove"

OutstandingKirk, Spock and Kang in a scene from Day of the Dove.

“All Our Yesterdays” was the penultimate episode of “Star Trek” which aired on March 14, 1969. In it, a planet’s sun is about to go nova, prompting Kirk and his crew to warn its inhabitants. Arriving on the planet, Kirk, Spock and McCoy find a library, an enigmatic librarian (Atoz… got it?), and a time portal that takes them back in time. There, Spock makes the acquaintance of the beautiful Zarabeth, played by Mariette Hartley, who, as is well known, was not allowed to show her belly button at the insistence of network censorship. The series creator was so outraged by the situation Gene Roddenberry that when he hired Hartley to appear in his eventual pilot, Genesis II, her character had two belly buttons.

From New York to Hollywood

Born in New York City, Chomsky studied acting at Syracuse University but soon found his niche in the production side of the television industry. He worked in lighting, set design, artistic direction and more before launching his directing career with the show The Doctors and the Nurses. Chomsky has directed weekly series, made-for-television movies, mini-series and feature films. His dozens of credits included The Wild Wild West, Mission: Impossible, Evel Knievel, Victory at Entebbe, two episodes of the seminal miniseries Roots (with future Star Trek: The Next Generation) . “, actor LeVar Burton), “Holocaust”, “Attica”, “Inside the Third Rich”, “Tank”, “I Was a Mail Order Bride”, “Peter the Great” and his latest project, the TV movie “Catherine The Great.” Chomsky was nominated for nine Emmy Awards and took home the statuette four times, for “Attica,” “Holocaust,” “Inside the Third Reich,” and “Peter the Great.”

He is survived by his sons David, Eric and Peter and a granddaughter, Liliiana.

https://heavy.com/entertainment/star-trek/remembering-tos-director-marvin-j-chomsky/ “Star Trek” director Marvin J. Chomsky dies at the age of 92

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