Star Trek fans want to replace Alex Kurtzman with the creator of The Orville

Seth MacFarlane and Alex Kurtzman


Seth MacFarlane and Alex Kurtzman

It’s fair to say that some people just don’t like change. This is not a new phenomenon or feeling. Some of us don’t like it when the world does something that people aren’t used to.

in the a recent article in The New Yorker, author Jill Lepore chronicled the rise and fall of Volkswagen. Volkswagen seemed unstoppable from its place on 1960s culture with its famous vehicles like the Beetle and the Bus. But over the years, Volkswagen strayed from its old ways and ran into trouble with the United States government falsifying the efficiency indicators of their diesel cars.

Lepore spoke to fans of the original Volkswagen bus who drove it in the ’60s. This new bus, which VolkswagenID.Buzz“ was completely redesigned and runs on electricity instead of diesel or petrol. Although the Buzz is – by all stats and standards – vastly superior to the old VW bus, those original fans aren’t interested.

The VW ID.Buzz

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“If this is the future, I’d rather live in the past,” said one member of the VW Bus Junkies Facebook Side (as quoted by Lepore).

It might not be too far-fetched to compare the VW bus to “Star Trek”, both of which are iconic in their own right. Trek ushered in a new storytelling style and a positive outlook for the future. These stories were broadcast on television while the United States was grappling with many of the troubles of the 1960s, providing comfort and escape to millions of people.

Interestingly, the original VW bus even starred in an episode of Star Trek: Voyager as the vehicle of a 1990s hippie scientist played by an actress and comedian Sarah Silberman.

There’s no doubt that many fans of The Original Series don’t like the new era of the show or movie. Like the new electric VW bus, they say “NuTrek” has strayed too far from its roots and is “Star Trek” in name only. Many fans have turned to the FOX/Hulu show The Orville for their solution to space adventures.

Executive producer of “Orville”. David A. Goodman told CBR why he thought some Trek fans liked his show so much.

Sarah Silverman and her VW bus

Star Trek Voyager Future’s End Part 2 S03E09 – Sarah Silverman – 4K AI ClipI’ve been looking through some of the more recent episodes I’ve edited and thought a clip of this one might be cool to post. This is one of the earlier seasons before Voyager went digital, so it doesn’t look as good as the later seasons (5-7). “Upressed/Uprezzed” at 4k from a DVD source…2020-05-18T15:45:00Z

“I think the difference for us is that Seth [MacFarlane] was very aware … he’s doing a show for everyone,” Goodman told CBR in 2017.

“The original ‘Star Trek’ was a show that millions of people saw around the world,” said Goodman. “A subset of them – like me – are super passionate ‘Star Trek’ fans. I’ve written three Star Trek books. I’m a huge fan, but we represent a very small, tiny portion of the audience that sees this show.”

Orville creator Seth MacFarlane is also a big Star Trek fan and obviously modeled his show on the franchise. Many feel he did a better job of capturing the spirit of The Original Series and even Next Generation.

It often happens that so-called “NuTrek‘ shows are promoted, fans go out of their way to recommend ‘The Orville’ instead. These fans typically blame Star Trek executive producer Alex Kurtzman for ruining the franchise.

“The Orville” vs. “Star Trek: Discovery”

Why THE ORVILLE is BETTER than STAR TREK DISCOVERYOf the two space shows coming out this fall, many Star Trek fans are more into Orville than the JJ Abrams/Breaking Bad-esque prequel Star Trek Discovery. I definitely feel like the Orville takes me back to the days of Picard, Data and co on the bridge. Subscribe to Generation Tech: Please…2017-10-20T14:08:15Z

An excellent example of this attitude was a recent post on the Heavy on Star Trek Facebook page, in which a fan said of Star Trek: Discovery and Kurtzman:

“The concept of jumping to the 32nd century is a great idea, but executed by the worst group of writers ever assembled. It’s an absolute dumpster fire. With good writers, Kurtzman gone and Post-Burnham shot into space, this show could be redeemed.

Fans like this have taken it upon themselves to change the direction of the franchise by creating petitions. A petition aims to do just that Replace Kurtzman with MacFarlane. The petition says:

“Alex Kurtzman has little respect for the wealth of information and advances that the ‘Star Trek’ universe has built up in more than 50 years. Again and again he ignores what the fans of “Star Trek” want to see. Seth MacFarlane, on the other hand, is a lifelong trekker who has shown he can write a compelling story that respectfully and meaningfully addresses some of the issues that plague our modern world. His work on the Orville is a testament to his creative genius and respect for fans.”

MacFarlane on Star Trek: Enterprise

Seth Macfarlane in Star Trek Enterprise.Seth Macfarlane’s appearance in Star Enterprise, Season 4, Episode 15; the episode entitled “Affliction”.2010-01-06T07:45:22Z

It is unlikely that this petition (or the many others) will prompt Paramount to make a change at the top. Recently Kurtzman extended his contract with the studio until 2026and he was at the forefront when the smash hit “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” took Trek to new heights.

In many ways, “Strange New Worlds” is to the ID.Buzz like “The Original Series” is to the original VW bus. SNW looks very similar to TOS, but the guts inside are very different. It’s a matter of time before Anson Mount’s show will have the staying power that William Shatner’s show has today.

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