Star Wars Episode gives Detective Din Djarin his chance to shine

Any type of investigative detective work requires spontaneous negotiation skills, especially when time is of the essence and new leads are the key to getting to the heart of an unfolding case. After Din and Bo-Katan are sent to the Ugnaught department (which specializes in rewiring droids), the latter’s pleas for help fall on deaf ears, though she does mention that they are carrying out direct orders from the Duchess.

This is when our boy Din decides to step up his game. In a callback to Kuiil, the Ugnaught who helped Din barter with the Jawas in season 1, he politely asks the group to help him as he is friends with him. This helps move things in the right direction as the Ugnaughts immediately set out to help the duo as Din is clearly well-versed in their way of communicating. Din Djarin has spoken.

Bo-Katan is undoubtedly a born leader. She proves it (once again) towards the end after defeating Ax Woves (Simon Mario Kassianides), who led the renegade Mandalorian mercenaries until Bo-Katan defeated him in a duel. However, the princess often lacks the necessary tact when it comes to negotiation, as shown when she hints that something may be wrong with the craftsmanship of the Ugnaught droids.

Luckily, Din jumps right in, making it clear they don’t mean to offend them and assuring them that he’s aware of their crafting skills. This leads them to their next lead: re-commissioned battle droids in the city’s loading docks.

Much later, Din leans heavily into his bad cop routine while interrogating the droid bartender at The Resistor, threatening to “rip his memory circuits and dissect them back to the lab” lest he refuse to cooperate. A bit of an overstatement for sure, but it all works as the droid seems eager to help. Star Wars Episode gives Detective Din Djarin his chance to shine

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