Starfield tried to murder me over a box

Cheer on StarfieldI was prepared for a lot. I was expecting NPCs to spit out information as I walked by, so much so that I had to complete five quests before actually speaking to anyone. I also thought I would fall through the surface of a planet or two. But I never would have predicted that Starfield would try to murder me for picking up a discarded box.

Admittedly, I had bad intentions, although there was no way the security forces who descended on me en masse could have suspected that. It all started when I found out that the bucket trick wasn’t that effective Starfield how it was inside The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

If you haven’t experienced the sheer, ridiculous joy Skyrim’s Shoplifting evasion, I’ll go into more detail about it. You can hold down the activation button to manipulate objects (without adding them to your inventory) and place them over shopkeepers’ heads. This blocks their vision and allows you to literally blind them.

After trying this Starfield And when I failed miserably, I illogically concluded that my choice of vessel was wrong. It wasn’t that Bethesda got smart and gave the NPCs x-ray vision, it was that I put the wrong item on this particular shopkeeper’s head.

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So you start poking around The Well (New Atlantis’ underground trading area). Starfield), I discovered a cardboard box sitting next to a dumpster. I gently lifted it into the air and all hell broke loose.

I can’t remember what first drew my attention, whether it was the screaming or the fact that everyone but one remarkably relaxed guy started running around like headless chickens. You could have thought it was the Reapers Mass effect had just appeared.

I was still marveling at the chaos when the United Colonies security forces showed up. I didn’t even get a “Stop, criminal scum!” from me. before they started blowing up.

My immediate and slightly idiotic reaction was to hold onto the box and try to use it as a shield. Ducking behind the dumpster didn’t help, and after trying and mostly failing to shoot my attackers, I ran around randomly.

Maybe I had a chance to mingle with the crowd who were on the run, Yakety Sax style. It was no surprise to anyone that it didn’t end well and I ended up dead for the heinous crime of touching an empty box.

During a parallel playthrough, I killed the inhabitants of a merchant ship with the ax and was politely asked to pay a fine. But this? Even Judge Dredd would have refused to murder me over a box. Life can be cheap Starfield, but a box made of corrugated cardboard apparently doesn’t. Maybe the United Colonies are really tough or recycling.

At least that’s my best guess in the universe. But in practice it smells like overzealousness from Bethesda. The difference, as I eventually discovered, between Starfield And SkyrimObject manipulation is that the latter does not care who owns an object.

People will grumble if you start waving things around, but that’s not a crime. If you pocket an item, definitely. As long as you then put down an object, no swords are drawn, but Starfield The manipulation of objects counts as theft.

Starfield people on the run

If someone has an object and you lift it by an inch, it is considered a crime and the game brings the hammer down. My theory is that Bethesda was well aware of all the bucket thefts Skyrim and that was their attempt to fix the problem.

They may have gone a tiny step too far; hence the hail of bullets. In StarfieldIn his eyes, I was just as guilty as if I had robbed the GalBank branch in New Atlantis. Overkill doesn’t even begin to cover it.

But now that I’ve taken the time, maybe it’s time to take off? I wonder if the bank man is still there? He seems to be coping well in a hosting crisis situation.

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