Steam Cleaners for Different Purposes: Declutter Your Life With Ease

Our homes are our shelters and are classified as our heaven, but this heaven cannot be worth living if it is home of germs, bacteria or any other unhygienic insects. It is a dire need to save and protect our homes from these unhealthy things.

While keeping in mind the reason WHY you clean your home appliances, it becomes easier to understand that a steam cleaner kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs, that’s way cleaning with steamer is simpler, healthier, enjoyable, eco-friendly and the most cost effective choice.

Thanks to the various advances in technology and modern engineering, steam vacuum cleaner services are now more efficient and varied with their approach.

What is a steam? A steamer for cleaning and how does it works?

 Steam is created when water is heated to its boiling point in the gaseous form of water. It is a device that uses high-temperature steam that is directed through brush attachment and nozzle to clean and sanitize surfaces. Basically it’s designed to clean a wide variety of shells, including walls, floors and stuff, without the chemical use.

The steam generated by the cleaner penetrates deep into surfaces, kills germs and bacteria and break dirt and stains without the use of chemicals and make it easier to wipe away.

Benefits (advantages) of Using a Steamer for Cleaning:

1.      Chemical-Free Cleaning:

Steam cleaner use only water to sanitize and clean surfaces, which means that no harsh chemicals are used and makes it a chemical-free and eco-friendly and provides healthy options for cleaning solutions.

2.      Save Time, Effort and Money:

A vapor cleaner eradicates the need for purchasing separate cleaning products and expenses and make it more efficient and real, making cleaning tasks more manageable and faster. Less time and effort spent while scrubbing and vacuuming.

3.      Versatility:

 Spray detergents can be used to clean a wide variety of surfaces, including floors, fabric, carpets and kitchen appliances. This makes them a versatile tool for many different cleaning tasks.

Disadvantages of Using a Steamer for Cleaning:

It requires a water source before the water needed to be refilled and have limited cleaning time. This means that they may not be the best option for cleaning large areas or for extended periods. Also, Vapor cleaning can be more expensive than traditional cleaning products, which may be a limiting for some consumers. The cleaners produce hot water vapor, which can cause burns if used improperly or if the user is not careful. Sometimes it’s not suitable for all types of surfaces, such as unscrewed wood floors or delicate fabrics. It’s important to check the constructor’s instructions before using a steam cleaner on a new surface.

Genius Use of Steam Cleaner for Different Purposes:

1.      Sanitizing and Cleaning:

Steam cleaner are very effective for various purposes, cleaning removes food particles from the surface while sanitizing reduce the number of germs and bacteria from the surface and make the surface  safe and clean. Kitchen and bathrooms are the germiest places which require our special attention for cleaning and sanitizing.

2.      Industrial Applications:

In industries the steam cleaners are used to remove dirt, dust, grease or grime without chemicals and steamed with little water. Steam has high capability of transfer. Utility steam is the most efficient steamer used by industrial applications, because it is dry and its fluid contains both the latent and sensible energy.

3.      Textile Industry:

Steamer is also considered a very useful tool in fabric industry to remove wrinkles from clothes. It is easy to use than iron. Its primary function is to keep clothes fresh, kill germs and keep them odorless.

4.      Commercial Steam Cleaner:

A commercial steam cleaner is a type of cleaning equipment designed for heavy-duty cleaning in commercial or industrial settings. It utilizes high-temperature steam to sanitize and deep clean a variety of surfaces. Commercial steam cleaners are often more powerful and durable compared to residential steam cleaners. They are commonly used in industries such as hospitality, healthcare, food service, and janitorial services. Here I will introduce you to professional steam vacuums and commercial cleaners from Fortador-USA that will meet all your needs. Be sure to visit Fortador-USA’s official website at

5.      Use of Steam in Medical industry:

In medical industry steam is used for sanitization process. It’s not new today, its use is common in hospitals since 100 years for multi purposes like laundry , purification, warming , hot water and moisture.

Types of Steam Cleaners:

1)     Handheld Steam Cleaners:

It is worth using and flexible piece of cleaning.  A handheld steam cleaner removes dust mites and germs from the surface and make it 99.9% germs free. It works more effectively.

2)     Canister Steam Cleaners:

Canister steam cleaner is a strong metal container that is used to hold chemical substances. It’s great for mopping and cleaning.

3)     Upright Steam Cleaners:

These types of steam cleaner are used to clean large area mates and wall to wall carpet cleaning. It removes tough stains that are deep in carpet fibers.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Steamer for Cleaning:

Type of surfaces to be cleaned:

Different models are designed for different surfaces, such as hardwood floors, carpets and stuffing.

Size and weight of the Steamer:

The sizes, shapes and weights of steam cleaners vary greatly, from commercial units to handheld models. It will depend on the specific model you choose, as well as the overall bulk of the device.

Consider the size and weight of the steam cleaner before buying it. You should decide whether you prefer something more lightweight and moveable, or if you prefer something larger and heavier. A heavy steam cleaner might deter you from ever using it if you are not comfortable with transporting and pushing it around. Cleaner can impact its ease of use.

Water tank capacity and Cord Length:

The water tank capacity will determine how long you can use the steam cleaner before refilling.

While the cord length will determine the distance, you can move the steam cleaner from the power source. Choose a vapor cleaner with a longer cord length and water tank capacity, if you will be cleaning larger areas.

Accessories and cost:

 Consider the accessories such as brushes, nozzles and extension hoses that come with the steam cleaner. The accessories can make efficient and easier to clean different sources. For the average homeowner, an affordable steam cleaner would likely do the trick, as we explored a many of the brands priced in the low- to- mid-range.

However, you’re final decision depends on how you intend to custom it. It is advised that you buy a pricier model rather than the cheapest one if you will use it frequently.

Tips for using a Steamer for Cleaning:

  • Do practice safely first.
  • If you have particularly hard water, use the purified water in your steam cleaner.
  • Before steaming clean floors do vacuum or sweep, in this way you don’t turn dirt into hot mud.
  • Place towels under your cleaning areas.
  • Do plan your steam cleaning.


These steam cleaners are more portable and extremely versatile with a small size; make it easier and effective for many small jobs around the houses. Remove stains from ovens and microwaves; shines up bathroom fixtures; clean wheels, grills and other areas.

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