Summer House fans are slamming Paige DeSorbo for her behavior this season

Paige DeSorbo


Paige DeSorbo

Summer House fans are seeing a new side to a longtime cast member this season, and they’re not loving it.

In the episode season 6 “That’s not Amore” A group dinner hosted by Andrea Denver spawned one of the meanest fights ever on the show, and Paige DeSorbo seemed to be loving it.

Paige’s former accomplice was Hannah Berner, but Hannah left Summer House last summer. For Season 6, Paige has teamed up with Ciara Miller, so it’s perhaps no surprise that she had Ciara’s back as she confronted Lindsay Hubbard in the latest episode.

After Ciara called Lindsay about inviting their mutual love interest, Austen Kroll, to sleep in her bed, things spiraled out of control — especially when Lindsay’s BFF, Danielle Olivera, chimed in on the conversation. Ciara started yelling in Danielle’s face before throwing a wine glass right at her chest. In an interview with us weeklyDanielle revealed that the wine glass actually “splintered” on her chest.

Fans noticed that Paige DeSorbo smiled as the intense fight played out

Paige made some shady comments on the That’s Not Amore episode. She once commented on Lindsay’s one-night stand, Luciano, cracking that the group’s Hamptons home was not a “brothel.” When the wine glass fight broke out, she also appeared to be grinning as she watched her roommates go at it.

the Queens of Bravo The fan account posted a photo from fight night with the caption: “From the brothel shaming comments made to Lindsay to goading Ciara, from the sheer joy of seeing Ciara and Danielle fight, this is a side of Paige, it can. I won’t hide behind Hannah.”

In the comments section, fans agreed that Paige’s mean comment about Lindsay was inappropriate.

“Why can Paige use Andrea and Craig at the same time while Lindsay having a one night stand ON HER BIRTHDAY is akin to a brothel,” said one viewer wrote. “It’s so hateful, even for Bravo.”

“I thought Paige would thrive without Hannah in the house,” says another wrote. “She’s showing us her true colors with all the unwarranted Lindsay hate and orchestrating this dinner fight.”

“The slut’s shaming comments and the really *devilish* pleasure she got from Ciara’s tirade put an end to any bit of respect I had for her. I’m glad people are seeing who she really is,” another interfered.

Some found that Paige also seemed to “enjoy” watching the terrifying fight between her female roommates while carefully keeping her own hands clean.

“She enjoyed it,” one commenter tweeted. “She absolutely pushed Ciara into ruining a beautiful dinner.”

“Paige was the epitome of a mean high school girl,” another I Agree.

“She told Ciara to go after Lindsay at dinner and manipulates a lot of mean girl situations with a wicked smile. I think we’re seeing her true colors,” another I Agree.

Paige explained what she was thinking when the wine fight broke out

Paige DeSorbo

NBCUMVPaige DeSorbo

Although Paige seemed to be enjoying her front row seat to the fight, she was actually worried about something. In an interview with entertainment tonight, She revealed that Ciara’s wine toss caught her off guard.

“Obviously, as one of the most selfish people on the planet, my first thought was, ‘Wow, I really hope I don’t get red wine on that dress because I really love it,'” she said. “If anything physical ever breaks out, I immediately go the other way. I’m not one to get messy. I’m going to struggle with my words all day, but as soon as objects are thrown or fists come up, I’m all out.”

She also defended Ciara, noting that the “crazy moment” was “so not Ciara’s personality.”

“I know she apologized because that’s not her character,” she added. “And she and Danielle were cool and out with friends this weekend and this summer … They talked about everything and were fine, but it was definitely out of character for Ciara and she’s really such a good person and sometimes people make mistakes.” . Ours happened to be caught on camera.”

Danielle had a different story as she spoke for entertainment tonight. She revealed that Ciara only apologized to her on camera and that she would have “a lot more respect for her” if she had also reached out to her privately. She added that she isn’t and likely never will be friends with Ciara, and only considers them “acquaintances.”

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