Survivor 2022 Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Tonight 04/20/2022?

Survivor 42 episode 8


The eleven remaining castaways face a challenge in Survivor 42 Episode 8.

It’s that time folks – we’ve finally achieved the official merger of Survivor 42! Ditch your buffs and get ready for an hour of underhandedness, betrayal and duplicity as we begin shortly after Lydia Meredith’s elimination last week, in part at the hands of her allies Hai Giang and Mike Turner.

At the moment there seems to be a tenuous alliance of “Eight” formed in the last episode, but it’s still not entirely clear who exactly those Eight are. What we do know is that the #1 targets are Tori Meehan and Chanelle Howard, so let’s see if they make it out of the tribal council alive tonight.

This week’s episode is called You Better Be Wearing a Seatbelt, so buckle up folks… this might get a bit bumpy.

All times Easter.

8:05 – Back at camp, Mike comments on how Tori, Chanelle, Romeo and Maryanne appear to be “on track”. Chanelle and Romeo worry about this. Chanelle bizarrely thinks that “in my head I was playing chess while everyone else was playing checkers…” You disagree, sis. I think you need to learn a little bit.

Interestingly, Drea distances herself from her #1 ally, Romeo. Apparently he’s “totally different” and is now one of the most paranoid players on the island. “If Romeo has to go, then Romeo has to go,” she says. WOW – I didn’t expect this shock.

Maryanne is also concerned as many of her childhood insecurities boil over. “I suck, there’s something wrong with me and that’s why people don’t want to work with me.” She feels that the “cool kids” shut her out of the group. It’s hard not to feel sympathy for her.

Mike is the cool Boomer. Even though he’s 57, he’s quite likeable, especially among the young crowd. Remember that if he wins he would be the oldest winner ever. He is interested in Omar’s religion (Islam). Omar respects him and his empathy and even sees potential for him to leave long term.

We get another behind-the-scenes look at the rewards challenge. Probst reveals there’s a caution advantage hidden under the seat, similar to how Xander sat last season but didn’t find the hidden advantage. In fact, it’s the exact same bank, in almost exactly the same place in the water! Jeff only loves Breaking the fourth wall.

8:15 – They split into teams of five via rock draw, so one person is unlucky enough to sit out. It turns out to be Maryanne.

Just like last season, a contestant steps up to take Maryanne’s place, and this time it’s Drea. Will she find the hidden advantage? We’ll just have to wait and see.

As usual, Jonathan kills it in the challenge. Meanwhile, unlike Xander, Drea actually finds the edge and tells us that knowing her won’t “guard her” from anything. she will take her chance. She does and stuffs it down her pants. Yet another benefit.

WOW… Omar KILLS it in this challenge. While Blue has zero balls in the basket, Orange comes from behind and turns back to 4:0. Jonathan, who was originally in the water to retrieve balls, gets out and replaces Rocksroy as pitcher. Of course he gets five in a row and completely laps Orange. I have to respect Omar’s drive, although I really wonder why he didn’t throw straight away.

8:20 – After the reward, the so-called “eight” once again agree that Tori goes first, followed closely by Romeo. Omar, meanwhile, has secret deals with just about everyone on the island. “Information is the most important thing in the game right now, so having eyes and ears on all sides of the island is invaluable to my game,” he explains. Who knew our little villain this season would be Omar? Will be interesting to see how that pans out for him.

Okay, we’ll see Drea’s advantage in a moment. It turns out it’s an indication of another benefit. The clue says something is “five paces” from the water fountain, although that’s obviously a pretty long distance. Nevertheless, Drea goes on a search and finds something. It is a hole filled with red color that hides an advantage. Gives a whole new meaning to the term “caught in the act”! Wow – props, producers. Gotta love a good pun.

It turns out to be a knowledge-is-power advantage. Remember that line that was so important it was made into an episode title? “I’m Survivor Rich”? Yes, that was Dream. Now she is even rich in survivorsah.

uh-oh Tori notices Drea’s red hand (or arm, to be precise). She’s on her right away. Drea, in turn, is turned on she. “I don’t trust Tori,” she explains. “She has to go.”

8:30 – In the immunity challenge, Jeff breaks the fourth wall again. He’ll try to make a deal with the contestants, like in “41,” to get himself out of the challenge in exchange for some rice. Last season it was 4 people sitting rice for 3 extra days. This time he does four Extra days’ worth of rice in exchange for six people sitting outside. However, he tells us a secret: he is satisfied with 4 seats. But in case future players think they can outsmart Jeff, he warns us that “the monster may have a much, much bigger appetite in the future.”

Negotiations begin, and eventually they settle for four, but only three people are willing to get out. Everyone gathers to discuss, and Maryanne bursts into tears, telling her fellow tribesmen that although she is out, she is sacrificing a chance at immunity for the common good of the tribe. Eventually, Omar – very reluctantly – agrees to get out. However, perhaps Maryanne’s little act was just that—an act. “Look at me, use emotion as a weapon,” says Maryanne in a confessional.

8:40 – Hai is out before Jeff even says the challenge is open. We’re down to three in no time. Eventually, Chanelle falls out and it’s down to Tori, who won last episode’s immunity, and Jonathan, who’s pretty much one of the greatest (at least tribal) challenge beasts of all time. Eventually Jonathan loses his balance and Tori wins again with the rice.

Drea speaks for the majority of the tribe when she says that Tori’s winning again has really “pissed” me as she is ruining the plans of the majority. Now it’s between Maryanne, Chanelle and Romeo. We go into the commercial break with Drea’s iconic laugh. “If you have to go, you have to go!” She says.

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