Survivor 2022 Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Tonight 3/9/2022?

Survivor 42 episode 3


The Daddy Tribe in Survivor 42 Episode 3.

Survivor 42 is well underway, and with three castaways already sent home, the green Daddy tribe with all of its original members is looking the strongest compared to the blue Ika-Five and orange Taku-Four .

Takus Jackson Fox was sidelined for medical reasons, and last week Marya Sherron was voted out after her tribe lost immunity. Ika’s Zach Wurtenberger was the Tribal Council’s first victim this season after being unanimously voted out by his tribe in the season premiere.

The March 23 episode is titled “Go for the Gusto” and its description reads: Courtesy of CBS, reads as follows: “A tribe tries to recover after drawing a line in the sand at the tribal council. Also, a castaway goes on a journey and must make a decision that could change his game, and a tribe stacks up to victory, earning immunity and a fertile reward.”

Follow our live episode recap below, though be warned of spoilers.

All times Easter.

8:05 – The four remaining on Taku are close. Maryanne also told her fellow tribesmen about her extra voice. Then they go in search of idols. “I’m freaking out!” says Maryanne. did i just do it Did I just find an idol?!”

Maryanne, along with Omar, found the Caution Advantage… oh oh. She, like Mike in the last episode, lost her voice until either the merger or until the other tribes said their secret phrases out loud. Maryanne’s phrase is, “It’s another classic case of the bunny having dinner in the mailbox.” Maryanne is very open with her tribe and actually tells them about the so-called “advantage” and that she currently has no voting rights. Maryanne is terribly trusting, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed she won’t mind…

Over at Daddy’s, the group dynamic of the tribe, as we saw in the premiere, is Jenny and Mike, Hai and Lydia, and the “in between,” as Daniel calls it, is him and Chanelle. A neurotic Daniel tries to get Mike to give him his idol so he can read the instructions. “Against my better judgment,” says Mike, deciding to give him the idol. “Daniel’s a bit neurotic.” Daniel discovers that if they catch Mike off guard, the idol won’t die, so the plan he and Chanelle hatched in the last episode proves useless. He then loses the idol when he gives it back to Mike… oh god.

It turns out he dropped the idol… yes, almost lost it to the tribe. “To Mike’s credit, he was absolutely right,” says Daniel. “Another example of Daniel Strunk’s epic failure.” At least he’s humble. And he’s lucky he found it.

8:15 – Damn – Maryanne ALREADY slips into the secret phrase after dreaming up a crazy story about a bunny and a mailbox. However, Mike doesn’t say his own “soccer” phrase because nobody said anything about Ika. That way he can go into the fusion with the secret intact.

It’s an intense swimming challenge. Jonathan dominates as always on Taku. Damn, the current is strong; I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever seen it as strong as here. “I’m not mad at sitting out here,” Lydia says from the bench. Rightly so.

Jonathan is a tank. Not only does he carry Taku back to the beach, he actually goes back into the water to help bring back his fighting fellow tribesmen. Then he alone holds the ladder while Lindsay climbs it to get the key. What a hero. It’s actually unreal that they haven’t won every challenge so far.

Jonathan lands a sandbag…two sandbags…a THIRD sandbag…holy shit…will the other tribes even reach the beach?!?

JONATHAN MAKES THE LAST BAG!! Taku gains immunity and reward!! thank god for them. A small tribe of four, with one person not even able to cast a vote,

8:20 – IMPRESSIVE. The current is so strong that Jeff actually puts the challenge on hold. Since neither of them could get the keys down the ladder in the water, he tells them to come back to the beach. Production fetches the keys for them and all they have to do is land the sandbags from the comfort of their beach. Another survivor first! This season is really intense.

It is now a close race between Ika and Dad. Each of them has three sandbags. Rocksroy kills it with the sandbags, but so does Mike. They are tied, 4-4. DREA WINS FOR IKA!!!! Dad goes to the Tribal Council for the first time.

Now Taku has to choose someone from Daddy to go on a “journey” as well as someone from one of the other tribes. Taku chooses Chanelle from Daddy as well as her own Omar. We’ll see how that goes, especially for Chanelle, who will miss some crucial pre-tribal strategies. Not good for her.

8:30 – Jenny is stressed that Chanelle is gone as she knows the secrets of the summit. Reminder that Mike can’t vote, so Jenny tries to get the others to vote for Lydia. Meanwhile, Hai, Daniel and Lydia plan to vote for Jenny. However, Daniel plays a double agent and claims loyalty to Jenny and Mike. However, he obviously needs Chanelle to get a 3 out of 5 majority. So we’ll see how that goes.

At the summit, Chanelle and Omar connect. The two now have to do the same “Protect”/”Risk Your Vote” at the wheel as Jenny, Maryanne and Drea did in the premiere. The two misinterpret each other – Omar believes Chanelle will do nothing to risk her vote and Chanelle trusts Omar to protect her more than she should. So both risk their vote, which means they both lose their voice. That means Chanelle won’t have a vote AT THE TRIBAL COUNCIL TONIGHT!! Not good. Tonight only four people will vote on Daddy’s Tribal Council. Survivor 2022 Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Tonight 3/9/2022?

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