Survivor 2022 Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Tonight 4/6/2022?

Survivor 42 episode 5


The Daddy tribe fights for immunity in Episode 5 of Survivor 42.

The latest “Survivor” episode is titled “I’m Survivor Rich” and follows directly on Ika’s second Tribal Council, which saw 19-year-old Swati Goel as the fourth person voted out of the game. Now Ika and Taku are on four and Dad still has five.

If last season’s schedule is any indication (which has been the case so far), this will be the final episode prior to the Hourglass Twist / “Fake Merge” episode in which a contestant must choose to “turn back time” and shall reverse the result of an immunity challenge in which half of the remaining contestants compete (the other half are immune). Today’s tribal council can therefore be decisive in determining the further course of the game.

Be warned of spoilers!

All times Easter.

8:05 – The castaways of the Ika are returning to camp from Tribal, and Romeo and Drea have to do some damage control after Rocksroy was caught off guard by Swati’s elimination. While the other three want to stay 4-strong, Tori is difficult against the idea. “I’ll be the first to disembark,” she says.

Meanwhile at Taku – what appeared to be a indeed four strong – Maryanne and Lindsay get on Jonathan’s nerves. Like adorable little sisters, they try to play games with him, but he’s just… so… down. Uh-oh – things don’t look good for Taku’s apparent unity. Then, when Jonathan accidentally hurts Maryanne, they start fighting. “You’re so dramatic, it drives me crazy,” says Jonathan. Omar, on the other hand, like the idiotic brother, is not happy about the drama.

8:15 – Meanwhile at dadthe edit does a good job of showing that trust and loyalty is an issue for each tribe:

Hai doesn’t trust either Daniel or Chanelle, and while Daniel fishes (or tries; as he puts it, “I’m as much a born fisherman as an arsonist is a born firefighter”), the other four think it was him over his dislocated shoulder to fib. And Mike, in particular, isn’t happy about it. “How long can you carry a guy before it becomes a real liability?” he says. Uh-oh… it’s not looking good for poor Daniel.

Over at Ika’s, Romeo and Drea go idol-hunting and eventually… Drea finds… the Caution Advantage!! Finally. It only took Ika five episodes to find hers. Her reaction to reading the rabbit sentence and realizing that This is why Maryanne said that is priceless. Now they just want daddy to say it.

8:20 – However, as we see with Dad, Mike is more cautious about activating the idol as he doesn’t want to reveal too much information to the other tribes. So moving on to the next challenge, we’ll have to see what kind of quick judgment he makes: will he actually tell his castmates that there’s so much grace in the game of football that he wants to cry? Or will he hold back and possibly risk another tribal in which he has no voice? We’ll find out soon enough.

8:30 – Okay, we’re on to the reward/immunity challenge…Maryanne says her sentence…Drea says her sentence (sort of…she paraphrased it at least)…and MIKE SAYS HIS sentence!!! Mike says while it wasn’t his original plan, “it was a mid-game decision,” and he decided to go through with it. However, it’s hard to miss that Drea didn’t say her sentence verbatim… will it matter? I do not think so.

In the challenge, Taku doesn’t do as well as usual. Omar takes a looong Time to solve this riddle. Jonathan panics. Meanwhile, IKA IMMUNITY wins!!!

It’s up to Daddy and Taku, and amazingly, Taku has caught up. Jonathan, physically dominating this game again, hits a target before Daddy has one. Chanelle then gets one for Dad… and everyone has one left. Finally…Jonathan hits the last one and TAKU GINS IMMUNITY!!! That Taku 4 really has a certain magic. A damn comeback. However, Hai is “excited” about the loss of immunity because he sees it as an opportunity to “take the fat off” her tribe when it comes to Chanelle and Daniel. Uff. That should hurt to watch again.

Ika must now choose which two people to go on a “journey” (ie, to the summit), and they choose Lydia of Daddy and Rocksroy from their own tribe.

8:40 – Despite Hai’s confession at the end of the challenge, he still claims there is a daddy “family” at the camp. Privately, he tells Daniel that Chanelle has to go because she can’t be trusted. Mike, meanwhile, tells Daniel that he’s writing Daniel’s name down “100%” (at Chanelle’s urging). In private, Hai and Mike basically make it off on each other that they don’t care which one leaves, and Hai says they’re both like “two weasels in a chicken prank.” Damned. They are fighting words!

At the summit, Lydia and Rocksroy are amazed by the nature around them. They connect a bit, then they go to the steering wheel. My question is why they don’t coordinate their strategy in advance in the meantime?? Anyhow, it looks like they’re both deciding to play it safe and “protect” their voices.

When Lydia returns to camp, she is approached one by one by Daniel and Chanelle; both are campaigning for her vote, Daniel even calling her the “Queenmaker” even though he voted for her at the last tribal council. Hai knows this vote could be crucial, especially when it comes to his own game.

8:55 – At Tribal, Daniel talks about how the five really are a family and how that will extend beyond the game regardless of who goes home. Hai, appropriate to the episode’s theme, talks about trust being the most important thing out there, and highlights that there were “six blindsides” in their last messy tribal. Mike reiterates Daniel’s earlier point when he says his vote tonight is purely playful and not personal and that he wants to remain friends with whoever is voted out. We’ll see who that is…

After the votes are cast, for the first time nobody chooses to play their Shot in the Dark. May prove to be a bad decision for someone.

First voice: Chanelle; then Daniel; then Chanelle; then Daniel. We’re tied 2-2…and the final vote is for…MIKE!! Wow!! A bizarre 2-2-1 draw and I have absolutely no idea why.

At the revote, a desperate Daniel is unanimously sent home. “Man, that’s heartbreaking,” he says on the way out, though he seemed a bit excited when he saw Jeff put out his flashlight.

Well, at least his numerous predictions that he wouldn’t win have finally come true. Looks like we didn’t see much of Daniel in the end, but hopefully this superfan enjoyed his time on the island while it lasted.

It also turns out that Mike voted for Chanelle, and Chanelle voted for Mike (“I’m so sorry,” she says in her confessional), probably to have a throwaway vote in case Daniel plays an idol. Shot in the dark. Well, we’ll see how Mike feels about it when they get back to camp next week.

Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on CBS.

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