Survivor 41 Winner Sends Emotional Message to Fans

Erika Kasupanan


Erika Kasupanan.

Survivor is known to have generated its fair share of controversy during its 20-plus year run. Production decisions aside, these mostly stem from the contestants and their behavior on the show, although often for no particular reason the contestants seem to receive undue backlash from a small minority of singing fans.

This season, Daniel Strunk has spoken out about some of the hate he received in response to his portrayal on the show, which prompted him to stop watching the season. Season 41 winner Erika Casupanan offered some powerful words online in response.

Here’s what you should know:

Daniel received death threats as soon as Survivor 42 aired

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Shortly after the airing of last week’s episode of “Survivor 42,” Erika, who is now a special correspondent on ET Canada, interviewed Daniel, the last shoe of the season, who mentioned that he stopped watching his season after Episode 3, in part because it was difficult to deal with the public response. “To be honest,” Daniel said, “I got a death threat, it wasn’t great. I decided I just need to make some space. It was very difficult.”

Daniel, a superfan of the show, said that after the commercials wore off and audiences “forgot,” he would come back and check out what he missed out on during his season [me]’, something he hoped would happen soon. “I I hope everyone just forgets about me,” he said, “and they go away, and so do I [can] Just watch the episode calmly.”

He added that it was particularly difficult given his recent engagement to his girlfriend Mo. “It was tough for her, it was tough for me,” Daniel said. “I think basically I love ‘Survivor,’ but I have to give it some space.”

Daniel Strunk

youtubeDaniel Strunk in Survivor 42.

Erika replied that she “feels empathetic[d]with Daniel’s predicament, saying that viewers often “don’t realize that there are many layers and complexities to decision-making.” to see the show.”

Though many fans were thrilled with Erika’s underdog win, there was some backlash last year as some fans online expressed their wish that 20-year-old Xander Hastings, who finished third without a jury vote, should have won instead . As a result, of course, Erika is very familiar with how it feels to receive such backlash from the Survivor audience.

Erika still gets daily messages saying she’s ‘terrible or unworthy’

During Advertisement for her ET Canada interview with Daniel on Twitter, Erika, who was and is also a “Survivor” superfan, then added how Daniel had to stop watching Survivor because of fan reactions. “That broke my heart,” she said. “He’s a SUPER FAN who couldn’t enjoy watching his Survivor experience due to terrible news and comments. Let that sink.”

She continued to speak from her own personal experience and to say that she quiet gets messages “almost daily” from viewers of the show telling her she’s a “terrible or unworthy” winner. “I kindly ask you to remember that the castaways are real people,” she said. “They are big fans. The game is tough. It’s stressful watching yourself on TV.”

She then begged the fans “think twice” before sending hateful messages to the show’s contestants given that they are all “REAL”. [people]’ who ‘just do their best’.

Zach Würtenberger, who was eliminated first this season, retweeted the second tweet in Erika’s thread. This is exactly what happened when Zach retweeted a tweet from Reem Daly, Season 38’s first shoe, “Edge of Extinction.” flagellation of a fan for a hate comment. Of course, Erika and Daniel’s words should be taken seriously, and fans should be careful when voicing their opinions when it comes time to voice them online. It’s important to remember what each candidate really has to deal with, probably for years to come.

Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on CBS. Watch the special two-hour “Merge” episode tomorrow; The three-hour finale will air Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

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