“Survivor 42” candidate turns out to be a possible power player

Survivor 42 cast


The cast of Survivor 42 at the season premiere.

Survivor 42 has already seen its fair share of outstanding players and personalities. Tori Meehan has become the personality everyone loves to hate, Jonathan Young has emerged as one of the greatest challengers of all time, and Hai Giang is emerging as a dominant strategic thinker, quickly rising from the base of his tribe to the top after one impressive performance of the Tribal Council in Episode 3.

However, an unlikely contender may have just emerged from the shadows as one of Survivor 42’s most dominant players.

Here’s what you need to know:

Maryanne has a secret double site

Maryanne Oketch

youtubeMaryanne Oketch in a preview of Survivor 42 Episode 8.

23-year-old Canadian-born Maryanne Oketch is perhaps best known among Survivor viewers for her charm, infectious happiness and bubbly personality. For example, just an hour after the start of the show, the fans were already there have great joy in her exaggerated emotional response for the medical evacuation of Jackson Fox. Over the following week, she became the subject of much discussion online for revealing her crush on Zach Wurtenberger and disappointment at his being voted out of Ika.

In recent weeks, however, many “Survivor” fans have begun to suspect that this highly vivacious personality may be belying a deeper strategic mind; one that viewers have only gotten glimpses of, but could be just as integral a part of her as the personality she portrays.

According to fans, this first became apparent in episode 5 when Jonathan and Maryanne had their infamous argument session on Taku. Though the Taku 4 was meant to remain strong and united, cracks began to form when Jonathan contemplated eliminating Maryanne for being annoying. Maryanne, in turn, said casually to fellow tribesman Omar Zaheer, “It’s a shame he’s a damn good shield.”

Fans took note of this with one shortly after the episode aired popular reddit post She noted how she said it “instantly and coldly,” adding that “the mask had slipped.” “Under the smiling babble is an ambitious competitor,” wrote the user. “I think she’s a lot busier than meets the eye.”

Another user answered that they were dying to see someone pull off the “deliberate goat strategy” of dragging a player into the finals as a goat, then calmly and eloquently explaining how, behind a facade, they secretly calculated and orchestrated the entire game. Although we haven’t quite seen this game on the show, maybe that player could be Maryanne.

Maryanne accidentally let her strategy skills slip in front of Tori

Tori Meihan

youtubeTori Meehan responds to Maryanne and suggests using Drea as a “shield” down the line.

In fact, in last week’s two-hour Fusion episode, Maryanne once again let her inner manipulative side slip during a conversation about Drea Wheeler with Tori on the beach. When Tori pressed her thoughts on Drea that Maryanne went to The Summit with in the season premiere, Maryanne responded that she liked Drea but believed she could be a problem in the future. “But if people still like her, I might as well keep her,” Maryanne continued. “Because a problem later is a sign in the future.”

Tori responded incredulously, looking at Maryanne in shock and saying, “Whoa, you have so much more than just a bubbly personality.”

Also in a Advertisement for episode 8 Released on Sunday, Maryanne is shown almost in tears begging an unknown candidate to help her, saying, “I could go home, please, I beg you!” However, in a confessional booth, she smiles and says: “Look at me, use emotions as a weapon!” To that A fan replied“[M]aryanne strategic mastermind god.”

The final episode ended with Omar maintaining his loyalty to the Taku 4 by saving Maryanne from certain elimination and shifting the target to Lydia Meredith who would eventually be voted out and win him much praise also among the fans. Could these two, along with their Taku tribemates, actually be a force for the rest of the cast to reckon with? Will Maryanne’s secret strategy skills, let alone the idol and extra vote she still has in her possession, pay off and earn her a place in the last 3 and maybe a million dollars? After all, it was Erika Casupanan’s Lion in the Lamb Costume that gave her the win at the end of last season. Only time will tell if the same is true for Maryanne.

Tune in on CBS Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern to continue watching Survivor 42 unfold. The three-hour finale will air Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

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