Survivor 42: Who Has What Advantages When Merging?

Survivor 42 Summit


Jenny Kim, Maryanne Oketch and Drea Wheeler attend The Summit at the Survivor 42 Premiere.

As fans of the last few “Survivor” seasons will know, the CBS reality series is now packed with twists and perks (which you can follow here), many of which are entirely new to the show. With twelve contestants and a number of different twists remaining at ’42’, we thought it would be best to break down what twists and perks are left and who has what, given the merge (or at least a ‘fake merge’)” ) Follow next week.

Here’s what you need to know:

5 participants currently have benefits and 1 has no vote

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is the “Advantage Charm”, which was introduced back in Episode 1 but hasn’t been mentioned much since. In the premiere, Drea Wheeler, Hai Giang and Lindsay Dolashewich all received the Amulet of Advantage, granting them a certain amount of power based on how many are left in play. At 3 it’s an extra vote, at 2 it’s a steal-a-vote and at 1 it’s a full idol. As a result, all three candidates currently have an extra vote. That may (and probably will) change later.

Note that the Advantage Charm can only be played with all other Charms remaining in play; Now that the merge is getting closer, the three can finally reconnect and use each other. However, they will also likely target each other, as their power increases the fewer Amulets in play. How all this will play out is currently unknown, although it will be interesting to watch.

As seen in the premiere, both Drea and Maryanne Oketch chose to “risk” their voice at The Summit; since Jenny Kim decided to play it safe, the former two now have idols.

Despite not being able to vote, the three people who found the precautionary advantage (Drea, Maryanne and Mike Turner) have now regained their voting rights – as well as an active idol – as all three sentences were said in the final episode.

Additionally, Omar Zaheer will not have a vote at the next Tribal Council as he set his vote to “Risk” at The Summit in Episode 3. Chanelle Howard, who was there with him, also chose “Risk”, but was already present on the Tribal, where she would not have her voice, later in the same episode.

As a result, here’s the breakdown of the pros (or cons) each candidate has from Episode 6 onwards:

  • Drea has three: an idol, an extra voice, and the Amulet of Advantage (currently an extra voice).
  • Hai has the “Advantage Charm” (currently an extra vote).
  • Lindsay has the “Advantage Charm” (currently an extra vote).
  • Maryanne has an idol and an additional voice.
  • Mike has an idol.
  • Omar Zaheer has no voice in the forthcoming tribal.

At least 2 more big turns likely approaching

If Survivor 42 continues to mirror 41, we’ll see at least two more big twists in upcoming episodes: the hourglass twist and Do or Die.

The hourglass twist will likely appear again in the next episode, meaning one lucky (or unlucky) contestant has the opportunity to “rewind time” and make six players – who were previously immune due to winning an immunity challenge – vulnerable and giving the others six (including himself) immunity. After that, the remaining 11 have a real merge and the jury phase begins.

The final 6 will likely see the “Do or Die” twist reappear, meaning contestants will have a choice of participating in that episode’s immunity challenge. Whoever decides to enter the competition and is the first to leave gets one of three (which in a Monty Hall style problemthen turns into a one-in-two chance of safety.

It is currently unknown if production has opted to keep it Knowledge is power advantage in the game; By this point in Season 41, it had already been introduced. So if it’s still going to appear, it will have a different schedule than “41”.

Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on CBS. The three-hour finale will air Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

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