Survivor 43: Episode 8 Recap & Elimination Spoilers

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“Survivor 43” Episode 8 Summary

In the final episode of “Survivor,” Dwight Moore became the seventh castaway to be voted off the island after receiving six votes against him. The California native may not have walked away with the million-dollar prize, but he told Jeff Probst he’s had the “journey of a lifetime.”

In tonight’s episode of Survivor, another shipwrecked man will see his dream of becoming the sole survivor come to an end.

The drama begins tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS and Paramount Plus.

Follow our live broadcast of today’s episode:

Survivor 43: Episode 8 Summary


8:00: Tonight’s episode begins with the shipwrecked man’s regrouping after Dwight’s elimination. Sami tries to smooth things over with Jeanine after Dwight’s elimination. She feels betrayed. She says Dwight was voted out with her immunity idol. Jeanine feels like she’s lost an ally (Dwight) and no longer trusts Sami.

The shipwrecked are happy that there is one less idol in the game. But they shouldn’t be so optimistic, because guess what, Jesse actually has Jeanine’s idol. Oh, and he also has Cody’s idol. Cody asked him to keep it and he didn’t ask for it back. Is Jesse playing the best game?

Noelle, Owen and Jeanine discuss the Dwight Vote. Noelle feels betrayed by her Vesi tribemates, Cody and Jesse. They turned on the vote without informing them.

The seven castaways who voted Dwight out (James, Cody, Jesse, Cassidy, Karla, Sami, and Ryan) contemplate making the final seven. They want to work together as they seem to be on the same page as to who the big goals are. They talk about who to pursue next. Owen seems to be the name on everyone’s lips. But will his allies on the other side save him? Will he win individual immunity? We’ll know by the end of the hour.

8:10: The shipwrecked are so hungry they are going insane. Karla dreamed of food. Gabler and Ryan go fishing. Gabler says Ryan is by far the best fisherman on the island. In a confessional, Ryan says his ingenuity is part of his strategy. He’s making himself indispensable, so the castaways want to keep him with them.

8:15: In a confessional, Sami reveals that while he’s happy to be a part of the seven, he worries about where he falls in the pack. He thinks he might be at the bottom of the seven. He expresses his concerns to Owen and Jeanine. They toss around and form a competing alliance. This could either be great for Sami’s game or bad for his game.

8:20: Time for an immunity challenge! Jeff proposes a cost-income dilemma. He offers the players a huge portion of rice. But here’s the rub. Five players must pass the Immunity Challenge to get the rice. They try to negotiate with Jeff so only four players have to give up their chance at immunity. Jeff refuses.

Finally, five players agree to sit out. The five players are Jesse, Karla, James, Sami and Cassidy.

8:25: Time for the challenge! Here’s how it works. First, participants have to balance a ball on a poll. But here’s the catch. Every five minutes they have to add another section to the survey, making the survey longer and longer.

Let’s see who are the first to fall.

Noelle and Jeanine are outside.

The competition is heating up. Gabler is out. We’re down to three.

Owen, Ryan and Cody stay. Owen needs immunity the most. His name was mentioned many times in this episode.

Ryan’s ball falls. It’s up to Cody and Owen.

Cody’s ball falls and Owen wins!

8:35: The castaways congratulate Owen back at camp. In a confessional, Owen says he’s relieved to have immunity because he feels like he’s at the bottom of the pack.

The Seven talks about who to vote out since Owen has immunity. They’re talking about voting for Jeanine.

8:40: The Seven agree to vote Jeanine out. Well, except Sami. He wants to shake up the game. He wants Ryan voted out. He approaches Karla with the idea of ​​blinding Ryan. She likes the idea, but worries how the rest of the seven will react. She tells James and Sami’s plan. He’s not against the idea. Sami approaches Jesse to see where his head is. Jesse agrees to vote Ryan out. Cassidy agrees to vote Ryan out. Hmmm. Ryan’s fishing talent was not as beneficial as he had imagined.


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“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS and Paramount Plus.

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