Survivor contestant reveals Jeff Probst lie

Jeff Probst


Jeff Probst in Survivor 42.

Episode 3 of “Survivor 42” saw a Dramatic immunity challenge in which two of the three tribes fought in the water for more than 20 minutes to retrieve a key from a pole several feet up. Host Jeff Probst was forced to declare after 22 minutes of fighting that the challenge would be abandoned and continued on land.

Though Probst stated both then and in post-show interviews that a challenge being stopped was unprecedented, at least one former castaway has come out and called it an outright lie.

Here’s what you need to know:

Eliza was amazed when she heard Jeff’s statements

Eliza Orlins, a two-time Survivor competitor and legend of the game, recently put down with Riley McAtee and Juliet Litman on their podcast, The ringtoneto discuss the current season. There Eliza said while talking about the unforgettable challenge in Episode 3 that her immediate reaction upon hearing Probst saying it was the first time in Survivor history that they had canceled a challenge mid-edit, was, “No, it’s not. What are you talking about? That’s just a lie.”

She went on to reference the challenge, “Great escape run‘ which appeared in Episode 3 of her first season, ‘Vanuatu’ – a season in which the original tribes were separated by gender – where the tribes were supposed to get a key and then unlock a bamboo door to get through. However, Eliza explained that although it was not shown on television, the men simply “brutally forced their way through the door” without finding the key and unlocking it.

As a result, according to Eliza, “[Production said], ‘No no no, you have to go back.’ They stopped the challenge [they] let us stop. They rebuilt it, they rebuilt it, they made her go back and do the real challenge. For those interested, the men won this challenge anyway.

This particular event was not actually shown in the episode. However, a distinction could be drawn between the men in Eliza’s season, who outright break the rules of the challenge – forcing the production to pause them and have them redo some of it – and what happened in “42,” where the tribes are evident no progress was produced, and extending this part of the challenge would have been just a waste of time. It’s possible that Probst was referring to the latter scenario when he said that this was the first time they stopped the challenge midway. Nonetheless, he never made that clarification himself in the original press, so it’s interesting to wonder what else he left out when making such lofty proclamations to the audience.

Eliza & Parvati once outwitted a challenge and caused a rule change

Survivor Micronesia United We Stand

youtubeThe new Airai tribe defeats the immunity challenge “United We Stand” in Episode 6 of Micronesia.

Eliza also referenced the iconic “united we standchallenge (which she called “one of my favorite challenges of all time”) in her second season, “Micronesia,” in which she and Parvati Shallow essentially cheated the challenge by using a pole each to move from one platform to the other instead to move the intended two.

Although Probst said during the challenge that the tribe’s choice was a “great decision” and a “great execution,” Eliza revealed that “that was the last time that was ever allowed, because once.” [we] When I did that, Jeff said, ‘Ok, well, it says in the rule book that you have to use both poles from this point on. This is another example of something (in this case a major rule change after the production was blown) that was never shown on TV. “You have to be one step ahead of the contestants,” Eliza said of the production.

This challenge has actually been seen twice more – once in season 26, “Caramoan”, Episode 4 and once in season 32, “Kaôh Rōng”, Episode 8 (although “Caramoan” used planks instead of poles). Both times used the trunks both Poles/planks to get from one platform to the next, although Probst explaining this rule to the contestants was not shown on camera.

Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on CBS. The three-hour finale will air Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

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