Survivor fans react to Hourglass Twist’s return

survivor 42


survivor 42

On yesterday’s episode of Survivor, Jeff Probst announced the return of the controversial hourglass twist. First introduced in Season 41, the twist bestowed a historic amount of power on the castaway Erika Casupanan, allowing her to reverse the outcome of the final immunity challenge. The twist received backlash from fans who felt the twist was unfair and made the game too luck-based.

Despite the backlash, the twist returned for Season 42, giving castaways Rocksroy Bailey the chance to shake up the game.

The producers of “Survivor” changed one thing about the twist and made it slightly different from season 41.

Jeff warned players in advance that the shipwrecked man sent to the Exile Island would have an opportunity to change the game. In Season 41, the castaways had no idea that Erika would be bestowed with an extraordinary power.

Fans react to Hourglass Twist

Following the episode, fans took to Twitter to express their frustration at the return of the hourglass twist.

“Let’s remember the real enemy in today’s elimination: the hourglass twist #survivor”, A fan tweeted.

“The hourglass twist still sucks, we just got used to it and learned to live with it.” wrote another fan.

A third Twitter user chimed in, To write“Seriously, the hourglass thing is one of the worst twists and turns #Survivor ever dreamed up and Jeff Probst getting all riled up while describing it doesn’t make it any better.”

Daniel says he screwed up on Survivor

Shipwrecked man Daniel Strunk had high hopes when he hit the beach for Survivor 42, but the clerk’s trip was cut short after his dad tribesmen became suspicious of his intentions.

The Ohio native spoke up Parade in April 2022 about his exit and whether he regrets going on the show.

“I think I was doing pretty well for two episodes, and then I was in front of a curveball, and it wasn’t going well, and I wasn’t playing it particularly well,” he told the outlet.

The curveball Daniel is referring to happened in Episode 3 when his ally Chanelle lost her voice at the summit. Daniel told Parade that Chanelle’s decision to risk her vote at the summit upset him and led to his fall.

“I screwed up multiple times,” he said. “Let’s start earlier when Chanelle gets off the boat and says, ‘Daniel, I’ve lost my voice.'”

“What you also need to know is before she went to immunity, [Chanelle] and I had a conversation, the two of us, one on one,” he continued. “We agreed that neither of us would risk our vote under any circumstances if we went to the summit. So she gets out of the boat and says that, and this is where I think the analysis should be given. It’s like, what do you want Daniel to do in this moment? And I decided in that moment to stay true to Chanelle and go with the plan.”

Daniel went on to say that in hindsight, staying loyal to Chanelle might have been a mistake.

“I probably should have changed my game,” he told the outlet. “Chanelle had lost her voice. I interpreted that as a betrayal of the Alliance. And at that moment, I probably should have walked up to Hai and Lydia and said, ‘Look, Chanelle is playing us and we should vote her out.’ But I didn’t. I decided to stay loyal to this alliance that I had because it was my number one and I was totally in it.”

“Survivor 42” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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