‘Survivor’ Fans React to Jenny Kim’s Shocking Elimination

Survivor 42 Episode 3 Tribal Council


The Daddy tribe at the Tribal Council in Survivor 42 Episode 3.

Episode 3 of Survivor 42 turned out to be one of the most intense and chaotic episodes the series has seen in a long time. Not only was the rewards/immunity challenge stopped by host Jeff Probst while it was still ongoing, but Dad’s first appearance at the Tribal Council that night proved unprecedented.

Of course, such a tribal council is already controversial, with many fans denouncing what they see as the unfair elimination of a worthy player simply for an overabundance of twists and perks, while others are enthralled by the drama of television. Here’s what you need to know:

Jenny’s elimination took everyone by surprise

Last night only four people voted in a tribe of six people. With two players – Mike Turner and Chanelle Howard – losing their voices for different reasons, what was essentially left were two separate blocks – Daniel Strunk and Jenny Kim on one side and Hai Giang and Lydia Meredith on the other. Despite Daniel and Chanelle’s efforts to outmaneuver this disadvantage by attempting to split the vote, Hai and Lydia stuck to their original plan and refused to change their voice from Jenny.

After re-voting, Daniel and Hai were still deadlocked, and both were very reluctant to change their votes. However, after a long and drawn out discussion, it became clear that Hai was more determined to hit the rocks than stand up to his ally Lydia, so Daniel reluctantly relented and agreed to send Jenny packing.

“Survivor encompasses so many experiences,” Jenny wrote an Instagram post two days before the episode aired. “My 20-year-old self would never recognize the person I am today… I loved camp life as much as I loved every other aspect of this game ❤️.”

Last Night’s tribal is polarizing fans

The overabundance of twists and perks has drawn fans’ ire for years, but even more so since last year given the intense uptick we’ve seen since the start of Season 41. It was the sheer number of twists and turns that led to Mike and Chanelle being unable to cast a vote – two cast members on a tribe of just six – meaning the consensus on who will be eliminated after a tie should, came down to just two people.

A fan on Twitter wrote that “Jenny got Cirie’d!!” Referring to Season 34, “Game Changers,” in the fan favorite Cirie Fields essentially fell victim to the overabundance of advantages that caused her to be eliminated in the last 6 by default simply because she was the only vulnerable player (despite receiving no votes). “Another unprecedented elimination where the best positioned player is attacked by forces beyond their control,” they wrote.

Most of the show’s fanbase seems to have that immediately agreed that Jenny should be one of the first people to be called back for a future return season and expressed disappointment that Jenny had done very little wrong in the game. “The Only ‘Mistake’ Jenny Made” wrote a fan, “was her complacency of being the bait voice. Given how twist-heavy the game is getting, I think this is a lesson that you shouldn’t have your name written down at all, just in case.”

Others enjoy the new status “Survivor”. a user to express their joy at being blind themselves while watching the episode. “I had [Jenny] so high up on my rankings this week,” they said. “The ‘new era’ really showed itself in tonight’s episode.” Another answered that they are “happy” with how the twists have affected this tribe. “Much better execution than what happened to Cirie in ‘Game Changers’!”

Fans aren’t impressed with Chanelle’s performance last night

other fans go to the show’s subreddit Lamb Chanelle for the unwise decision to risk her vote. “WHY did she insist that she couldn’t risk losing her voice and then RISK it?!” said a fan. “Obviously Omar wanted to risk his because you said you wouldn’t risk yours? CHANELLE GIRL THAT I ROOTED FOR YOU.”

“WE HAVE ALL CONVERTED FOR YOU” another disappointed fan answered.

Perhaps one of the key lessons from last night’s Tribal is that not only is no one safe, but many otherwise excellent players can actually be sabotaged by factors beyond their control, much more so than previous iterations of the show. While some fans may think this makes for better and more entertaining television, those whose torches have been extinguished will certainly be hit a lot harder.

How the game will continue from here is unclear.

“Survivor 42” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS.

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