‘Survivor’ winner teases grand plans after winning

Erika Casupanan


Erika Casupanan in the season finale of “Survivor 41.”

Erika Casupanan was revealed as the 41st winner of “Survivor” when season 41 finale aired last month. This surprised many fans, who thought she was quite fair low key correction, though she also earns a lot praise thanks to his humor, personality, effective discreet gameplay and delicate Final performance of the Tribal Council. Erika is also notable for being the Philippines’ first winner, the first winner from Canada, the first female winner in seven seasons and the ninth winner of color overall.

Recently, Erika talked about what it feels like to live in a post-Survivor world, how this life-changing experience will affect her life going forward, and even opened up about some potential big plans for the next few chapters of her life.

Here’s what you need to know:

‘Survivor’ has helped Erika to have a different view of herself

Survivor winner Erika Casupanan on her journey from marketing to televisionSurvival winner Erika Casupanan learned a lot at Western University and Second City. In this interview, she discusses her wardrobe on Survivor, her new approach to social media, and her views on diversity in media. Twitter: twitter.com/ThatPrince Instagram: instagram.com/hotonthestreet/ #Survivor # Survivor41 #ErikaCasupanan2022-01-16T17:00: 30Z

In one interview Sunday with Sarah Prince, a blogger and digital marketer in Toronto who also attended college with Erika at University of Western Ontario, Erika talks about how she believes her life in the business world will change thanks to her “Survivor” experience. Erika, a communications director who have worked at several companies, including Kijiji Canada before appearing on the reality show, it was revealed that “Survivor” has given her a whole new sense of confidence that she will carry with her throughout life. real life and in the professional world. She explained:

“Survivor” has given me confidence… well said, walk through this door and you can give up on whatever you thought you had to do before, now you have a fresh start. And I think after playing the game and really giving the live experience that I had before the game and though [I was] being underrated, bringing all that into the game and finding something as detrimental… I can use that to my advantage.

Erika went on to say that with this confidence, she even began to realize that she was not an abnormal person, despite how she once thought. She explained that before “Survivor,” “everything I was feeling… made me think I was crazy, and the world wasn’t built for me.” However, after competing on the show, her worldview and sense of self were confirmed. “I was right,” she said. “I’m not crazy, and now I can use that renewed sense of self and greater confidence to help me move forward.”

Erika teased something special in the ‘Next Chapter’ of her life

In her interview, Erika also talked about what her future might look like now that her “Survivor” experience is over, at least for now, and even teased tease that there might be something big in the piece that she can’t reveal too much yet. About.

In addition to continuing to stay at home and “[hoping] that anything will be able to open up,” Erika says, “Survivor” has opened a lot of doors for her, so she’s still trying to figure out which door is best for her. “I don’t feel like I can say much right now, but I’m really excited about the next chapter and the chapters that follow,” Erika said. She added that she wants to use her platform responsibly, given how many fans – especially young ones – admire her. She explained:

I really want to make sure that the platform I’ve been given is one that I can put to good use and I know that a lot of people find it very inspiring and I think they feel really capable after that. seeing that I’ve won because I look different from a lot of recent winners and I bring a different life experience. So I really hope that I can continue to use the platform I have now to continue to help people feel like… they too have the power to achieve what their dreams are.

When Prince said, “it sounds like you have plans for the future, but it’s still a bit early to talk about it,” Erika replies, “anyone can say that.” Only time will tell exactly how Erika’s “Survivor” win will affect her life in the future, but for now, fans should be glad to know that the result is hers. saw myself progressing as a human being.

“Survivor” airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. KST on CBS. Be sure to catch season 42 when it premieres on March 9, 2022.

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