Survivor’s Erika Casupanan reacts to the changes in Hourglass Twist

Erika Casupanan and Rocksroy Bailey


Erika Casupanan in Survivor 41/Rocksroy Bailey in Exile in Survivor 42.

Erika Casupanan is known not only as the winner of “Survivor 41,” but also as the unfortunate contestant who was exiled in the season’s episode “Fake Merge,” where she was given the choice of “smashing an hourglass to do it.” Turn back time” and make herself and half the remaining contestants immune – a decision she made famously accepted.

However, this twist proved controversial — not only among viewers, but also among certain outspoken candidates at the time — prompting host Jeff Probst and the production to make some changes to the twist for his Season 42 return.

After all, the shipwrecked man who was exiled this time to face the same choice was none other than the 43-year-old stay-at-home father, Rocksroy Bailey, who after much deliberation eventually made the same choice as Erika.

But how does Rocksroy’s journey in exile compare to Erika’s own? And what does Erika think of the new changes made to the twist that so many fans associate with her? Watch her break it down below.

Erika believes that shipwrecked people now approach the turn more “measured”.

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Erika, recently got a job at ET Canada as special correspondent for “Survivor”, talked to the outlet Thursday about the “fake merge” episode of “Survivor 42”.

The changes to the hourglass twist introduced by the show’s production included a warning to all contestants that anyone exiled would have the “power to change the game,” as well as the ability for any member of the winning team to swapping places with the person who wasn’t chosen, allowing themselves to go to the Isle of Exile instead (though no one took up the offer).

Erika said that with the new changes, “everyone is taking it a little more measuredly, knowing that just because you’ve won doesn’t mean you’re safe, and just because Rocksroy’s gone doesn’t mean it’s a long shot not that he’s coming back with nothing.” She added that she believes all candidates are now “a little more calculated and a little more measured about the whole thing.”

Though no one accepted Probst’s offer to move, at least one contestant — Drea Wheeler, who lost the challenge and therefore didn’t have the opportunity to trade with Rocksroy — accurately predicted what the twist would be like before it was announced. “You never know, [Rocksroy] maybe come back and say he can switch it to where they aren’t immune and we are,” Drea said casually back at camp.

Erika on Her Trip vs. Rocksroy’s: “All I Did” in Exile Was “Cry”

When it came to how her stay in exile compared to Rocksroy’s, Erika was quite candid about how under-equipped she was, especially when contrasted with Rocksroy’s calm acceptance of his fate. In her summary, Erika said that during her two days in exile, “I just ate crabs and cried. Sometimes cry in the rain. It was hard.”

However, she added that her story could be seen as inspirational to some viewers, as she survived and managed to find sustenance despite her complete lack of outdoor experience. “I wasn’t able to be alone in exile,” she said, “but I still managed to find food, managed to feed myself, managed to live, so … if I get out of it, I don’t get.” just this amazing power… but then I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I can do something too’!”

She added, “Maybe everyone needs to go into exile at some point in their life and grow a little.”

Additionally, Erika said she really enjoyed seeing the importance Rocksroy placed on his journey into exile given the growth she experienced during her own time there. “From a selfish point of view, it made me feel a little nostalgic in a weird way,” Erika said upon watching that part of the episode, “because I was like, ‘Oh my god, that’s where I slept! That’s where I lived!” She went on to say that Rocksroy’s journey was “heartwarming” to see:

But I think the best part was… knowing that I was able to personally take away so much from that experience while I was there. And to see Rocksroy do the same, knowing his vision was failing and being able to really be present and enjoy the Fiji landscape was honestly so heartwarming and so touching to watch.

Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on CBS. The three-hour finale will air Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

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