Tarek El Moussa’s mom responds to fans asking about his ex

Tarek El Mussa


HGTV star Tarek El Moussa

Tarek El Moussa’s mother, Dominique El Moussa-Arnould, is so sick of people saying unkind things about her son that she has taken matters into her own hands and addressed them head on on social media. With the recent premiere of HGTV’s new series The Flipping El Moussas, there’s been a lot of online buzz surrounding him and his family — and it hasn’t always been positive.

Since the premiere, El Moussa-Arnould, who will appear in an episode of the new show, has responded to several fan comments posted on the Heavy on the HGTV Facebook page. She initially championed her new daughter-in-law, Heather Rae El Moussa, who married Tarek in October 2022 and gave birth to their first child together, Tristan Jay, in January.

While acknowledging that everyone has the right to speak their mind, particularly given that Tarek and Heather are public figures, El Moussa-Arnould has taken issue with those who left comments describing them as ” Mean,” and has also attempted to set the record straight for Tarek’s current relationship with his ex-wife and “Flip or Flop” co-star Christina Hall.

Dominique El Moussa-Arnould says she’s having a ‘rough time’ with unkind comments about her famous son

El Moussa-Arnould is very close to Tarek, who was vocal about how hard his mother worked as a teacher and tutor when he and his older sister, the owner of hair salon Angelique, were kids.

2018 Tarek said country life that his father was “raised Catholic in the Middle East in Lebanon and then in Egypt” and later moved to Europe where he met his future wife, originally from Belgium. The couple immigrated to the United States but are no longer together.

El Moussa-Arnould has stood by her son through some big challenges over the years, including battling two types of cancer, debilitating back surgery and his split from Hall, who married real estate agent Josh Hall in early 2022 and was dating Tarek Shares two children – 12-year-old daughter Taylor and seven-year-old son Brayden.

A recent post quoting Tarek, shared on Heavy on HGTV’s Facebook page, prompted a lot of comments about him and his new show, both positive and negative. El Moussa-Arnould thanked a few people who had complimented Tarek and also took to the forum to share how proud she is of her son.

“So proud of all your accomplishments dear son,” she wrote, “you’ve come a long way since your two cancers and your nasty back surgery. Loving You.”

One fan, noting that Tarek’s own mother was reading and responding to comments about Tarek and Heather, replied to El Moussa-Arnould, writing: “It must be difficult to read these comments. I wish you good luck. You deserve happiness. He worked very hard to get to where he is today.”

El Moussa-Arnould replied: “It is. But people are entitled to their opinions, but I have a hard time with mean hateful comments. It’s okay to just say no, not for me or something. But yes, they work very hard. I don’t know how they do it. I was a teacher for 30 years and it was very busy. lol”

Sharing that she will appear in a future episode of the new series, El Moussa-Arnould continued, “I wish people could see the houses with their own eyes. It’s amazing how they transform. You basically get a brand new house.”

Another fan advised El Moussa-Arnould not to read the negative comments about Tarek or his show, writing: “You really shouldn’t watch this stuff. You shouldn’t put yourself in a position to read something like this. Regardless of whether he is loved or hated, he has done himself good. You have done good, Mom, and so has he.”

In response, El Moussa-Arnould wrote: “Thank you very much. Such a nice answer. I wish you a wonderful day.”

May 2022, in a Birthday greetings to his mother Taking to Instagram, Tarek wrote about how much he appreciated that she always had his back.

“My mom taught me the definition of hard work by working two jobs while I was growing up, and she also taught me not to take shit from anyone! She was always fierce and fought for what she believed in.”

Tarek El Moussa’s mom responds to comments about Christina Hall: ‘Marriage is hard’

Tarek and Christina El Moussa

GettyTarek and Christina El Moussa, now Christina Hall, in 2014

El Moussa-Arnould, who recently shared on Instagram Her grandchildren calling her “Grandma Coucou or just Coucou” also influenced how things are going between Tarek and his ex-wife, who went through a messy and high-profile breakup and eventually divorced in 2018.

In the Heavy on HGTV post, many people commented that after watching The Flipping El Moussas they thought Heather, a real estate agent who also stars in Netflix’s Selling Sunset, looked like a replica of Hall, but didn’t measure up as their expertise is not in flipping houses.

One wrote, “I think she’s a really sweet person but she doesn’t know design and I feel like they’re trying too hard with the affection on the show to get back at his ex.”

El Moussa-Arnould disagreed, writing: “Get revenge on his ex? Why should they do this? They are all in a good place and working hard. Christina loves Josh. Tarek loves Heather. There are no more bad feelings. Life goes on as we know it and it is very short.”

In response to another post, El Moussa-Arnould shared her insights into the complexities of marriage, including her son’s relationships and her own, revealing that she was married to his father for 25 years before they split. In 2010, El Moussa-Arnould married Robert Carroll, according to his Facebook Profile that also states that he works for one of his son-in-law’s companies, Tarek buys houses as market analyst & acquisition specialist.

When a fan of Tarek asked on Facebook “how Christina let him go,” El Moussa-Arnould replied, “Life can be difficult sometimes. All I know is that they loved each other until the day it broke. It happens to many of us. This happened to me after 25 years of marriage.”

She continued, “But today they are both happy in their new lives and have both found peace with each other and they are both striving to give their children a family that gets along. So much better than bitterness. I myself see my ex at family gatherings all the time since we had 2 kids together, but it wasn’t easy at first. We all know marriage is tough.”

When this fan responded that she was divorcing after 30 years but was grateful to have her children in her life, El Moussa-Arnould replied, “Yes, family first in all forms.”

https://heavy.com/entertainment/hgtv/tarek-el-moussas-mom-weighs-in-on-facebook/ Tarek El Moussa’s mom responds to fans asking about his ex

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