Tearful Candace Cameron Bure opens up about shooting Uvalde


Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure took to social media to share her thoughts on the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting and why she didn’t post on the subject immediately after the incident.

Bure said she was quiet because it took her longer to process her feelings


On May 26, Bure posted her thoughts on her Instagram story, reaching out to people who had wondered why she hadn’t posted anything about filming on social media. First, she shared that tragedy takes her longer to process and that social media isn’t always the first place she chooses to share her thoughts.

“Hello friends… Actually I didn’t want to get any further here, but I am because… when we see what’s happened in our country, we all process things differently,” she said on her Instagram story. “And some of us need more time to process it. Some of us are ready to scream and scream and scream from the rooftops. Some of us just need to feel more and figure out when we’re ready to share those feelings. I’m a deep feeler and don’t always feel like social media is the place I want to run to first to share my heart, especially when it comes to grief. And that’s why I kept silent.”

She said she doesn’t want to pour her heart out just for people to scold her words


She continued, sharing that it’s best not to speculate as to why anyone might remain silent. She added that she has recently withdrawn from social media when it comes to topics such as tragedy, grief or politics.

“I don’t think it’s right to jump to conclusions or assume or judge someone for not posting,” she said. “I don’t think silence or lack of post is a representation of what anyone is thinking, feeling or doing. And the more I have this relationship with social media, the more I love things about it, but there’s a lot that I’m really retiring from. And that means sharing certain things, especially when it comes to tragedy, grief, and politics. And many social issues that our country disagrees on.”

She continued, sharing, “I don’t want to pour out my heart and my opinion just for people to be picky about it. And by nitpick I mean over the words. Of course there will be disagreements and arguments, but sometimes it’s like you just want to convey a positive message and there are people who will still tear them apart.”

“As a mother, I mourn… with the people of Uvalde,” she said


Bure went on to say that as a mother, she is deeply saddened by the Uvalde shooting, but isn’t ready to say more about her feelings just yet. Her eyes filled with tears as she shared how sad she was over the shooting.

“It’s so difficult with the tragedy and the loss of these 21 people,” she said on her Instagram story. “And as a mother I mourn and I just want to mourn with the people of Uvalde and the families. My heart only aches for you but that’s all I want to say on social media right now. I’m just here mourning with you.”

She added that she also grieved over the other shootings, including Buffalo.

“I know some of you will say, well, there was a tragic event that happened in Buffalo at the grocery store and I mourn for those people as well,” she said on her Instagram story. “Just some of us aren’t always comfortable with having to post everything. And that’s all there is to it. I’m not trying to do this about myself. I’m just trying to share feelings… I don’t want to feel like I have to post it in order for me to acknowledge my feelings or do what I do or take action. A post does not confirm this. Or a lack of posting.”

She asked her followers not to make assumptions if people don’t post about a tragedy right away

Bure said she doesn’t think people should feel pressured to share before they’re ready.

“My social media wife, who helps post a lot of things, even texted me yesterday, ‘Would you like me to put a graphic up?’ And I thought no. Like what will a graphic do? I just have to feel that first,” she said. “I mean I’d like to post a picture of all these little beautiful faces so that we remember them and remember to pray for their families too. But I just have to do that when I’m ready.”

She said she felt like she was sharing too much to a certain extent, but she knows some people think the same way she does. She added that she hopes others will remember not to get angry when people don’t post as quickly as they think they should.

“[I] I also want to say don’t be mad if you… you feel like people should be posting something but it’s not meeting your expectations,” she said. “It’s not about you. It’s not. Everyone processes differently. So let’s process how we need to, take action when we’re ready and willing and want to, and speak up when we feel like it.” feel compelled. But just know that I’m such a praying woman…”

She added a final addendum, sharing that some of her marketing posts are filmed in advance and shared on a set schedule. Just because her account might post something after a tragedy doesn’t mean she personally posted it or shot the video that day.

“You will see other posts I have about Dr. Lancer speak, or you’ll probably see Dayspring… These are all scheduled posts, so they’re still going,” she said. “…I’m not actually filming them that day, and I’m not even posting them. I have people helping post these things. So take social media with caution and realize that it’s not always real-time at this moment.”

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