The 10 best moments in Andor Season 1 to keep you in a galaxy far, far away

With the end of season one finally here, there are many memorable characters and events from Cassian Andor’s journey and backstory to enjoy. Andor has successfully expanded the style of Star Wars into a darker, edgier series and has fans wanting more. Those who are already looking forward to the next season of Andor or something similar can reminisce with these The 10 best moments in Season 1 of Andor to keep you in a galaxy far, far away.

10. Meetings in the Imperial Board Room

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This is more of a blanket entry as most imperial meetings were conducted in a similar way. What makes them great is that they all focus on showcasing the Empire’s officers in a way that represents everything the Empire stands for visually and thematically. The way the officers dress, act and communicate, as well as the setting and interior of the room itself combine to create outstanding scenes. Each scene managed to convey important plot points and develop the characters involved with a creative and effective method.

9. Cassian remembers his loved ones

Andor Maarva
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In the final episode of Season 1, this emotional scene honored and paid tribute to Maarva and weighed heavily on the hearts of fans, with B2EMO leading the procession. Maarva’s holographic projection delivers a powerful speech, and Cassian mourns and remembers everything he’s lost, especially his father’s ashes before. The final episode ends with a strong emphasis on Cassian’s human side, letting the audience feel his emotional pain and the driving force behind his facade.

8. Mon Mothma asks Tay Kolma for help

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This scene embodies a political interaction between Mon and Tay with a view to helping her keep the rebellion alive through her finances. With no one getting any smarter, Mon performs at their home gathering with a multitude of guests, a complicated daughter, and an unruly husband while hiding her growing fears of being caught by the Empire. To prevent the Empire from tracing her funds, she asks Tay to help her figure out an untraceable way to channel her funds. At the end of the scene, it seems like nothing happened at all, but Tay offers her one last option, which she reluctantly accepts.

7. Saw Gerrera’s collapse

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Saw is an engaging character who embodies the battle-hardened struggle of the rebel soldiers, and this scene captures his personality as it descends into the realm of paranoia. Realizing that Luthen has eyes and ears everywhere, Saw finally begins to grasp the seriousness of the escalating struggle between the Rebels and the Empire. At that moment, Saw realizes that he’s already deeply involved in the conflict, whether he agrees or not.

6. Cassian and Luthen’s escape from Preox-Morlana

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The first major part of the series focuses on the setup between Luthen and Cassian because they need to meet; Otherwise, Cassian might have ever joined the rebellion. After murdering Preox Morlana guards, Cassian is on the run, desperate for his own survival. The only way out he sees is to get a bunch of credits and live on the far edge of the galaxy. After convincing Bix to meet a buyer for a rare Imperial device, his meeting with Luthen is cut short when a Preox Morlana force catches up with Cassian. The moments leading up to it build the stakes and the result is an entertaining fight and escape.

5. Luthen’s dogfight with the Imperial cruiser

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No Star Wars is complete without dogfights between Rebel pilots and Imperial starships. The Andor series doesn’t disappoint in that regard, as Luthen is stopped by a curious Empire arrest cruiser. When Luthen is contacted by the Imperials, they hit his Fondor transport with a tractor beam to board his ship. What follows is a dynamic and surprising fight that shows Luthen’s specially crafted weapons destroying the Imperial tractor beam. Also his impressive skills as a pilot as he blasts tie fighters and knocks them down with lightsabers.

4. Raid on the Imperial Armory

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The Empire’s pay heist is the focus of the first half of the show, and when the heist finally goes down, the scene is memorable and action-packed. It took several episodes to introduce the characters involved and assemble their crew, and as they prepared for their riskiest and most dangerous mission yet, tensions rose and simmered.

The whole scene was nothing short of amazing, after a complex sequence of Cassian’s crew executing their plan which included them looting maps, scrambling security cameras and breaking into the vault, unexpectedly turning into a deadly firefight. When the rest of the guards at the outpost got word of this, Cassian had to fly out and dodge tie-fighters to get his team to safety. Everything flowed seamlessly and kept the action alive without overdoing it.

3. Cassian’s escape from Narkina 5

Andor Escape Prison
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In a different escape scene, this time Cassian finds himself in a location known as Narkina 5 and spends a considerable amount of time, both in the story timeline and in the number of episodes on screen, locked away. After a tense re-enactment of daily life in Narkina 5, the audience is drawn into the prisoners’ emotional drama as they realize they are all being lied to about their release and resolve to take their only chance to escape, even if they do be killed by it.

The setup, pacing and climax are all masterfully crafted with superb direction, set design and acting. Every single element fits together harmoniously and creates an immersive experience that completely captivates the audience.

2. Maarva’s farewell to Cassian

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The scene between Maarva and Cassian after he wraps up the pay robbery is low key but emotionally powerful. Maarva has become Cassian’s mother and has helped him lead a better life, and Cassian loves her like a true biological parent. Risking everything to get back to her, he tells her they must go but can live without financial hardship. She refuses to leave her home, telling Cassian that she must stay behind to help the rebellion. This moment is the inevitable crossroads that Cassian had to accept heartbrokenly in order to fulfill his destiny.

1. Cassian murder scene

Andor Cassian Murder
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This is the scene that revealed Cassian’s darker side and changed his fate forever in the blink of an eye. Many themes are foreshadowed by Cassian’s actions leading up to this scene, and more about his character is revealed after the scene. First we see his unwavering determination to find the sister he thought he had, next we see him staying calm in danger, then he shows his dark side by murdering the security guard, and finally he desperately goes to the Escape to continue his survival. After this perfect setup, we follow Cassian’s journey and have a deeper connection to him.

With these The 10 best moments in Season 1 of Andor to keep you in a galaxy far, far away, you can revisit some of your favorite scenes and relive those memories. The positive response from audiences and critics proves that there are many reasons Andor is the darker series the franchise needs and future Star Wars series should be more experimental. The 10 best moments in Andor Season 1 to keep you in a galaxy far, far away

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