The 10 best weapons for MW3 zombies

Zombies mode has returned to the Call of Duty series with Modern Warfare 3, but changes the formula by adding the DMZ to the gameplay with an open world and missions to complete. Your choice of weapon is just as important as ever, and here are some of the best.

The 10 best weapons for Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

While players can still purchase weapons off the wall like in previous Zombies games, you can now bring your own loadout using weapons you chose at the start of the game in multiplayer. These are Insured weaponsand there is a cooldown if you die within the zone while wearing it.

Some of the weapons on this list may be found all over the world, but it’s better to equip yourself with preferred attachments before getting started and not waste time. These are the 10 best weapons for zombies.


Bringing a pistol into the open world of zombies may seem underpowered, but a customized Renetti can be a great backup weapon. Does not drain ammo from the other primary weapon and can be saved for when zombies are right in your face.


As the successor to the UMP, the Striker could be one of the best submachine guns in the game. This is strictly for running and gunning, allowing players to quickly maneuver around hordes or one of the bosses.

Wonder weapon DG-2

This classic wonder weapon returns in MW3 Zombies and still packs a punch in the open world. This craftable or “mystery box” weapon is great for crowd control by creating a light between zombies with each shot.

Holger 26

The Holger 26 is an early unlocked LMG with great firepower and a large magazine. Its recoil may be off-putting to some, but can be adjusted to solve this problem.

SVA 545

The SVA 545 is one of the first assault rifles in Modern Warfare 3 and a good choice for beginners. It also fires two shots on the first turn, giving zombies rushing towards you as you reset a head start on the line.


The Scorcher is a new weapon in Zombies and is a great dual purpose weapon. It can fire a laser in a line that lingers and takes out anyone who comes in, or it can be charged to launch the player into the air and is great for traversal. Players have to be lucky if they find it in the Mystery Box or random caches.


Modern Warfare 2 players who can’t live without their classic M4 can still use it in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. The assault rifle is ready for use out of the box for most players and is a good entry-level weapon for all threats.

Ray gun

The final wonder weapon on the list is the Ray Gun, a Zombies classic. This can be found in the Mystery Box or crafted beforehand, but it may take a while to find.


The DG-56 LSW LMG offers an excellent balance of great power, large magazine and lower weight than the other LMGs. There is a Bone Rattle Blueprint that can be earned in this mode that makes running and shooting easier.


The MCW is one of the best assault rifles in the game with little to no recoil and good stopping power. It can be equipped with a much larger magazine to easily mow down hordes of zombies once players unlock it at level 44.

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