The 3 Ways to Clock in on Time

Time theft is a serious problem affecting 95 percent of American businesses. In a 2015 survey, 43 percent of hourly-paid respondents claimed to have inflated hours worked to earn higher pay. That shows how big a challenge time theft is and the increasing need for a lasting solution. The following are three clock-in ways to minimize time-theft in workplaces.

Biometrics Scanning

Biometric clocks improve time management in your place of work and eradicate time theft. Biometric scanners have fingerprint readers that detect and store the unique fingerprints of individual employees. That makes for faster and more efficient clocking in and out while optimizing attendance. The scanners compare the fingerprints with those in your database and keep every detail about worked hours and the staff office attendance.

They’re necessary time-management systems to effectively manage and track hourly wages and eliminate paying for more hours. These time and attendance management systems are accurate but reliable. Workers must be present to confirm their attendance, meaning an employee can’t cheat the systems.

With a biometric scanner, you can easily detect the indiscipline of workers that are ever late to work. You can easily tell when staff arrives late or skips a shift without informing you. Unfortunately, biometric scanners are pretty costly and require professional installation and management. Additionally, biometric scanners need to be manned by a qualified team to minimize interference and maximize accuracy.

Online Time-clock Systems

The timeclock online systems are currently the most common ways employers monitor and track workers’ clock in and out. Employers find these web-based clock-in systems more convenient and reliable because they can easily manage employee attendance and working hours using their smartphones or computers.

Advanced web-based time clocks let you easily capture, edit and integrate employee worked time and everyday attendance information into payroll systems. Besides, you can manage all your staff timesheets from a single point with an online-based time clock software. You can also compute labor hour totals and generate reports, which you can export to payroll systems to ease payment processing.

Interestingly, most time clock online systems can be accessed from any internet-enabled device, including tablets, MAC, laptops, or PCs. Some systems have a downloadable mobile app with functions and features for bosses and their workers.

With the right internet-based time clock, you can relax and watch your productivity increase, your company grows, and ROI improves. By eliminating time theft and paying your staff only for the time they invested in growing your company, you won’t have to deal with the losses other companies suffer because of time theft and unmonitored worker attendance.

Swipe Cards

Swipe cards are an advanced technology that allows companies to monitor and track worker attendance, minimizing time theft and increasing company work hours. These are debit/credit card-like cards with a magnetic strip containing employee-specific programmed data. The employee will swipe the card in a time clock as they enter and leave your company premises.

The time clock is often the size and shape of a credit card machine. It’s a cost-effective yet reliable way for employers to monitor and track employees’ clock in and out. In addition, the swipe card software is necessary for maximizing office hours worked by every employee. This system can remove the heavy burden on the HR team of uploading individual employee time sheets manually every day, which is not only inconvenient but also unreliable.

The shift to digital swipe card systems minimizes the issues with time theft common with punch-card systems. Every employee has to physically be present to swipe the cards and gain entry and exit rights, meaning an employee can’t swipe their friend’s cards. Since there is a time watching over worker attendance and the operations of the swipe card system, it becomes impossible for an employee to cheat about their hourly working hours.

It takes time and effort to control your workers’ work attendance and time use. Implement any of the recommended methods and watch as your company curbs time theft and increases productivity. Each clock in technology has its benefits and downsides, so do your research before going for one. While biometrics scanners are more expensive, they are more accurate and reliable. Online time clocks are cheap and convenient, but they can’t match the accuracy of swipe cards.

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