The best 5-star unit in Roblox All Star Tower Defense

5-star units are some of the most popular units in the All Star Tower Defense. There are more than 50 different 5-star characters in the game, representing 40% of the entire unit. Due to the huge amount of characters available for 5-star characters, there is a huge difference in the quality of the units. Some units like Onwin, Dr. Heart and Bellma extremely powerful compared to .’s ability Ginbei or mrflimflim in the same level.

So, as the title says, let’s take a look at some of the best 5-star characters in All Star Tower Defense that are suitable for almost any mode.

Character damage

Name Ability
Ice Marine (Admiral Aokiji) Huge amount of damage when you upgrade
Mystery X (Satoru Gojou) Has the ability to transcend time
Rodroki (Anger) Inflicts both burning and freezing attacks
Jackson (Muzan) Huge amount of damage and bleeding
Bird Magician (Avdol) One of the best characters to deal burn damage
Janji (Wedding) Best character to deal burn damage
JJ – Siwa (Jolyne Cujoh) Can stun air units with String Stuns
President Buddha (Netero) Damage ratio with Heart of God ORB
Dimensional Aliens (Hit) Serious damage figure

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Characters in the air or on the hill

Name Ability
Dr.Heart (Trafalgar D.Law) Can damage and teleport enemies.
Jenos (Overdrive) Has one of the best SPA among other characters
Zorro (Draccule Mihawk) Scale damage with Hawk ORB
Koku Black Pink (Goku Black SSR) Damage scale with Rose ORB
Troy Honda (Roy Mustang) Strong DPS and burn damage

Support character

Name Ability
Bellma (Super Money Corp) Provide cash at the start of each batch
Onwin (Erwin) Increases damage taken by nearby allies.
The Patriot (Happy Valentine’s Day) Can stop enemies with his Bus Armor ability
Wish (Whis) Provide cash and increase base HP

Remember, the best way to get these characters is through summoning gold or gems. If you don’t get these units through the banner, you can always choose to trade units from other players.

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