The best early game perks in Bleak Faith Forsaken

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There are a total of 18 perks in Bleak Faith: Forsaken, and each one can add to or completely change a build. While some don’t seem all that great at first glance, when updated they can practically ruin the game. Perks like Faithful are useless without an upgrade, but can become surprisingly powerful with the right setup. Early in the game, perks like these aren’t useful, but later they become devastating. These are the best early game perks for Bleak Faith: Forsaken.

Best early game perks from Bleak Faith Forsaken

Perks in Bleak Faith: Forsaken can completely change the way the game is played. With just a few perks equipped, or even just one upgraded perk, players can make powerful builds even more powerful. The best perks are the ones that complement a player’s build more easily, but some perks can work with whatever build the player has chosen.

natural talent

Natural Talent is probably the best perk in the game, granting a bonus to stats boosted by the player’s gear. Initially, this perk only improves Constitution, but after upgrading it increases Strength, then Agility, and then Intellect on its final upgrade. The initial stat bonus can make players much more resilient, able to take more hits, and deal with groups of enemies.


Lifesteal is very powerful with a powerful weapon, and Vampirism gives any weapon the ability to regain health based on damage dealt. It also makes it so that weapons that already have lifesteal gain even more health. Upgrading makes lifesteal even stronger, reaching a 60% increase. The stronger the weapon, the more valuable this perk becomes.


The Illusionist perk makes it so that a copy of the player can come out and help in battle. This quickly breaks when upgraded as the last upgrade can give the copy a chance to get out even if it just dodges. This can also be stacked with the Companions Perk, allowing for more copies to be made.

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This perk is awesome for any build, but works best with fast weapons. Stunning enemies so they can’t do anything is already possible with some weapons, but Mindbreaker makes it possible with everything. Its latest upgrade doubles the damage of the hit that stunned the enemy, making it work with slow and powerful weapons as well.

While other perks like Berserk and Dual Wield Mastery are strong on their own, it takes a while for them to become really worthwhile in-game. It’s still good to invest in them early on, as long as players stick to the build they work well with.

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