The best killstreaks for Modern Warfare 2

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Killstreaks are special power-ups that reward a player for killing a certain number of enemies without dying. The higher the killstreak you are in, the stronger killstreak you can unlock. Alternatively, you can also enable Scorestreak in MW2, which counts both kills and objective points you get for reward progression.

The best killstreaks in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

We’ve listed the best killstreaks to equip in your loadout in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. The list is arranged in order of low-tier to high-tier killstreaks, but it’s up to you to pick which ones you prefer. High tier power-ups are obviously superior and require more effort to obtain. Therefore, you should always have at least one easily accessible killstreak equipped.

UAV – 4 kills or 500 points

UAV is arguably one of the strongest killstreaks in MW2 despite being a low tier upgrade. While active, it sweeps across the map, displaying the enemy’s location via a red square on your mini-map and that of your teammates. It’s especially useful in early games when players haven’t unlocked the Ghost perk, which hides you from UAVs.

Counter UAV – 5 kills or 625 points

As the name suggests, a Counter UAV does the opposite of what a UAV does and messes up the enemy players’ minimap. It is most helpful when the enemy team has a UAV active. However, it can be easily shot down with launchers and any weapon in the game.

VTOL Jet – 8 kills or 1000 points

After calling a VTOL jet at a location, it first drops two consecutive bombs at the marked target, and then guards it for a certain time. Once it arrives at the AO, you can also command the plane to move to a specific location. It can be launched, but requires at least three launcher shots or a couple of cartridge magazines.

Wheelson-HS – 8 kills or 1000 points

Wheelson is a small but deadly vehicle with a turret mounted on it. You can drive it around the map until it runs out of fuel or it is destroyed by the enemy. It can effectively knock out players and reach every corner of the map. It also has an auto-sentry mode that you can enable.

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Chopper Gunner – 10 kills or 1250 points

You can summon the Chopper Gunner to take down enemies from the air with a turret and missiles. It is controlled by the player and can be launched from the air similar to other killstreaks.

Gunship – 12 kills or 1500 points

Gunship is an upgraded and more powerful version of the Chopper Gun, armed with laser-guided missiles, a 40mm cannon and a 25mm cannon.

Advanced UAV – 12 kills or 1500 points

The Advanced UAV is considered by many to be the most superior and powerful killstreak of them all. While a regular UAV scans and updates the minimap in controlled sweeps, an enhanced UAV gives you real-time positioning of all enemy players and the direction they are facing for an extended period of time. You must equip this Killstreak when trying to get a Nuke or MGB, which is rewarded when a player gets 30 kills without dying.

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