The best marksmen champions for the current League of Legends meta

Obviously, some League of Legends champions are stronger than others. There are heavy damage carriers like Jhin and Draven, and max speed focused carriers like Tristana and Jinx. Now the ADC meta allows you to play champions to your liking, as they are all available at all times.

Here are some of the best Marksman champions of season 13:

  1. Caitlyn

Caitlyn is popular thanks to her strong crowd control abilities and ability to dash over walls, as well as having one of the highest ADC ranges. However, she heavily relies on items and can be outperformed by other meta ADCs.

Despite the facts above, Caitlyn’s guaranteed critical strikes with her headshots make her one of the best ADCs in the game. Her long-range capabilities make it easy to secure last hits on minions while constantly poking enemies, and her traps provide huge zoning potential.

Additionally, Caitlyn’s position in team fights is easily managed due to her ability to hit enemies from the back. If an enemy tries to escape, she can use her Ace in the Hole ability to take them down.

  1. Ezreal

If you’re looking for an enjoyable and rewarding League of Legends experience, consider playing as Ezreal. While he does require time to scale and relies heavily on skillshots, he has strong zone control with Iceborn Gauntlet.

For beginners, Ezreal is one of the best champions to pick for this role as he can teach you how to maximize your damage output, land skillshots, and zone off enemies using Iceborn Gauntlet. While he may not be as strong as Aphelios, his recent buffs have made him a strong contender.

As for Ezreal’s build, he used to run Kleptomancy before it was reworked into Omnistone. Now, most players opt for the Precision primary tree with Lethal Temp for quick auto attacks. The secondary Sorcery tree grants you Manaflow Band to ensure that you never run low on mana. For additional damage, use Muramana with the presence of Mind, and take Legend: Bloodline and Coup de Grace to help you eliminate low-health opponents.

  1. Kalista

There’s no denying the fact that Kalista is a strong laner. After recent buffs that were done to her base stats, she became more popular. She started to become a popular choice in the top lane, but then transitioned to the ADC role. She’s one of the best marksmen in League of Legends to secure objectives.

In the top lane, Domination is the primary tree that is preferred. However, using the Precision as the primary tree in the bot lane will give you access to Lethan Tempo.

The Precision primary page grants access to two runes that offer additional attack speed – Legend: Alacrity and Lethal Tempo. This will allow you to stack your spears and do more damage easily. Choosing Overheal will make you tankier. Coup de Grace is an excellent finisher to assist you during the laning phase as it helps deal a large amount of damage to those enemies that already have low health.

The secondary page that is the most picked would be Sorcery, granting access to Nimbus Cloak and Gathering Storm.

In conclusion, while some ADC champions may be stronger than others, the current meta allows for a wide range of choices to fit different playstyles. Caitlyn’s long-range capabilities and guaranteed critical strikes make her a top pick, while Ezreal’s strong zone control and rewarding gameplay make him a great choice for beginners. Kalista is a strong laner and one of the best marksmen in League of Legends for securing objectives, with different primary tree options depending on the lane. As always, it’s important to consider the champion’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as personal preferences and playstyle, when choosing the best ADC for your team.

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