The best Rogue build in Loop Hero

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Rogue is one of three classes players can use in Loop Hero to complete circuits and bring back their world. As a distinct class, mechanical fraudsters are very outspoken. Speed ​​and damage are best friends in this class that comes preloaded with a bit of vampireism. We’ll take a look at the best cards to keep in a cheater’s deck and what items will benefit them the most.

The Best Cards to Keep in the Rogue’s Deck

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The most important part of building a deck for any character is knowing how to maximize the class and its chances. This means looking at what makes scammers special and amplifying it. Focus on placing enemies that are easy to kill but drop loot and side effects to debuff enemies and increase player speed. Players should also keep amulets that increase their magic HP as it will not be affected by environment tiles.

  1. River – Duplicate the effect of adjacent cells.
  2. Forest (Thicket) – Add 2% to the player’s attack speed.
  3. Desert (Sand Dunes) – Subtract 2% from all creatures’ health.
  4. Arsenal – Creates an additional item slot, however, it reduces the quality of the additional item by 15%.
  5. Cemetary – Spawn a skeleton every three days in the loop.
  6. Grove – Spawns a wolf rat every two days in a loop that can move to an adjacent tile.
  7. Forest of Blood – It originates from devouring enemies with less than 15% of their hit.
  8. Spider cocoon – Spawns a spider on an adjacent tile once a day.
  9. Smith’s Forge – Removes up to two items from the player’s inventory, however, it adds effects to the remaining items causing the player to take 20% less damage for 10 hits per item.
  10. Signaling – Increases player’s movement speed by 40% and attack speed by 20% for all units whenever they are within its range.

Optional: The player can also take an Oblivion tile to destroy their Grove tile and turn the adjacent Blood Grove into a Hunger Vault to boost its effect by 5%. Vampire Mansions can be added to this list in the mid to late game if the player wants to face a heavier foe at the end of each of their enemies. Road Lanterns can be used to kill enemies if the player has built up too strong of a force along the detour.

Alternative options: A good alternative yellow card for Arsenal is Ancient Crypt, especially in the late game as it allows Rogue to gain extra health per battle. Storm Temples can be a good substitute for Sand Dunes in the mid-game as they will deal extra magic damage to enemies by striking them with lightning. Distance them from each other at the two corners of the map, then build Thickets and rivers between the Temples and the detour.

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Best Early Game Rogue Strategy

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The biggest focus in the early game is building a collection of useful equipment. Primarily, rogues should focus on collecting devices that increase their vampire power or increase damage dealt to all types of enemies. Second, now that players have established a nice deck, they will need to use it effectively.

Ridges should be placed on either side of the campsite. This will allow the player to place the Blood Grove in the corner between the two groves. Placing this item near the campground will make boss battles and any other enemies weaker as they will have 15% less health than normal.

Putting any tile down brings the player closer to the boss battle. This can easily expose the player to a boss that doesn’t build much. Instead of using the Forest cards just use the Thicket cards which will double the side effects of the Forest card but not bring up the boss faster. Placing the bushes is not a big deal, however, they will need to be placed on either side of a river brick.

Deserts, specifically Sand Dunes, will be used in much the same way as Thickets. Place on either side of River tiles to double their effectiveness. Once placed on either side of the River tile, the River tile will turn into an Oasis. Oases have a different effect, they remove 0.5% of the player’s attack speed but are a percentage of all enemies’ attack speed.

Beacon should be placed on the side of base camp. It would be perfectly suitable to be within the radius of the previous camp and Grove. This will increase its movement and attack speed for the player without speeding up the boss.

Best mid-game strategy for Rogues

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Once a player has reached the middle of the game, many of their decks will become relevant and useful. One of the first things players should take advantage of are their Smith’s Forge cards. Place these at either end of the campground to reduce your worst loot before healing and then stack the effect on your way out of camp with a few more loot shards.

When building enemy tile areas, players should line up their enemies to affect one tile of the loop. Stack the same enemy types along the same part of the path for the player to go through each round. Mixing enemies can be dangerous, however, with a sufficient number of stacks, the player will easily outmaneuver both spiders and their skeletons.

In addition to these, the ultimate main focus of the deck should be to continue building the river and repeating it around the area as much as possible. Place Thickets and Sand Dunes around it to stack their effects throughout the continuous loop. Then watch the rogues quickly brush past their enemies each round.

As for equipment, players should focus on finding equipment that increases attack speed. This is the easiest way to overcome all of the player’s enemies. Especially with all the other tiles built all over the map.

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Best late game strategy for Rogue

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Place multiple beacons all over the map. Be sure to especially avoid hitting the ball at the beginning of the track. However, the player should place a beacon to influence the player between different groups of enemies along the track. This will buff them in time to deal with enemies without buffing them.

Much of the outside of the bypass should be covered in the winding pattern of a river surrounded by dust and dunes. Make the most of the space here to ensure the highest possible benefit. This will make it difficult for players to encounter most enemies.

Once the player is completely warmed up and ready to go, they can use their remaining Forest or Desert cards to trigger the boss battle. Remember to pick up traits throughout the gameplay through upgrading the most important aspects of the gameplay. If the player has enough vampires, attack speed, and critical damage, they should be able to face any boss in the game.

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