The best weapons in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

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With 12 weapons to choose from, it can be difficult to determine what to pick up in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. Depending on the class chosen, certain weapons can thrive with unique skills that the player will have. These are the best weapons for each situation.

Bane of dissent

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Use Light ammo, This submachine gun can be difficult to use for players who are not used to strong recoil. Its power lies in its rate of fire and can be used to great effect on the player using it Automatic fire Capture mode. The weapon’s sight is perfect for mid-range combat and hip-fire with the weapon is perfect in enclosed spaces. Players who can’t find a Shotgun will still have no trouble in close encounters between uses Bane of dissent and their Melee Weapons.

Executionioner Gamma

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Sniper Rifles are not for everyone, but with practice and patience, Executioner Gamma can end the war quickly. Unlike the Mark 5 Sniper Rifle, the Executioner Gamma is an action weapon that fires a beam that rewards accuracy. It is especially useful against non-player enemies such as Bomb for being able to lie on his stomach and fight from a distance. Heavy ammo is shared between Assault Rifles and won’t be hard to find so players won’t have to worry about using their ammo to level up quickly. The Monks‘S Mana Wall can provide players with a much-needed way to defend themselves while still sitting in their sniper position.

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Eclipse Eater

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The Shotgun meta in Battle Royales is a popular meta and Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier has not escaped it. The Eclipse Eater is a pump action Shotgun with tremendous damage. It doesn’t have a high rate of fire like the Model S-7 but it doesn’t punish players too severely if they miss their shots. Pair with Warrior or shinobi, it could be exactly what it takes to pounce on enemies and catch them off guard.

Melee Weapons

The melee in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier should not be underestimated. The Monks‘S power A trait that allows the player to self-heal when dealing damage. Melee weapons are also the best course of action when taking advantage of opponents that are reloading while at close range.


Materia and the ability to stack them to improve spells is one of the most powerful components in the game. Cure purely supportive, however, spells like Comet, Snow storm, or Fire are some of the best ways to make enemies move out of position, deal damage or use it as a means of escape.

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