The confusing “Bayonetta” timeline explained

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Spoiler Alert! This article provides plot details for the bayonet franchise.

We’ve reached an interesting point within the bayonet Franchise. From an eight-year gap between games two and three to a five-month wait between game three and a new prequel story. After the success and controversy of bayonet 3, the series expands with Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost DemoN The new game follows Cereza’s days as a witch in training before she becomes the powerful contemporary witch we all know and love.

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However, the recording of origins into the series raises interesting questions about the game’s timeline. Time Travel and Paradoxes in the bayonet Games have always been a bone of contention among fans and can seem downright nonsensical to even the most seasoned of players.

bayonet as a franchise has always consisted of games driven more by their innovative struggles than their stories, but we’re here to try to explain that bayonet schedule as best we can.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon

Source: Nintendo

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The ‘Bayonetta’ timeline, explained.

Bayonet origins represents a new starting point for the entire timeline. It depicts a young Cereza just learning to control her powers as an Umbrian witch. She accidentally forms a contract with her first demon and tries to control it while traversing the mysterious and dangerous forest of Avalon to help her mother.

In all respects, this game will eventually enter the events of the three main lines bayonet games.

Interestingly, however, the game timing can get a bit confusing. A fan firmly places the new prequel story at the beginning of the timeline in a Bayonetta Origins spoiler thread Reddit. But the events leading up to the first bayonet Game creates two alternate timelines.

In case you forgot the first game, Bayonetta meets a younger version of herself (Cereza) who wanders from the past to the present. As they interact, time begins to shift.

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Source: Platinum Games

Originally, as an adult, Cereza became involved in the witch hunts that would eventually wipe out almost all Umbra witches in existence. She tries to fight off an army of angels, but her status as one of the “Eyes of the World” made her a target. If it falls into the wrong hands, it could mean the end of the universe.

Knowing this, Cereza’s friend Jeanne stabs her and seals her in a crystal for 500 years to protect her. This leads to the events of bayonet And bayonet 2.

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But as Bayonetta and little Cereza grow closer in the first game, their interaction changes the course of time. At one point, Bayonetta urges Cereza to keep the things that are important to her in her heart. The young witch remembers it well when she finally decided to always wear on her chest a large brooch that today’s Bayonetta gave her.

However, due to this change, adult Cereza is able to avoid being stabbed by Jeanne during the witch hunt, as Jeanne’s dagger is deflected by Cereza’s brooch. Instead of being imprisoned, Cereza stays by Jeanne’s side to fight the angels. This supposedly leads to an alternate timeline where bayonet 3 take place.

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Source: Nintendo

There is also plenty of evidence supporting this chain of events. Bayonetta’s hairstyle in the third game closely resembles Cereza’s as a little girl. The arrival of the bayonets from the first two games to help the new one (though it may be in vain) also supports their status as visitors from other dimensions and timelines.

The schedule for bayonet has always been confusing, but some people have been trying to make sense of this multiverse of madness. Of course, as one Redditor commented, many of these paradoxes and time loops can “be blamed on bad writing.”

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon Coming to Nintendo Switch on March 17th. The confusing “Bayonetta” timeline explained

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