The controversial “Survivor” twist is coming back soon

Jeff Probst,


Jeff Probst, “Survivor” host

“Survivor” is known for its fair share of twists and perks; so much so that they tend to get overwhelming and confusing, and many fans need help keeping track.

Many of these twists have also proved controversial; not least with the polarizing “Do or Die” twist. Unfortunately for many fans, the twist looks set to return for the upcoming eleventh episode of Survivor 42.

Here’s what you need to know:

What is Do or Die about?

Survivors do or die

youtubeHost Jeff Probst reveals that Deshawn Radden picked the right box in the “Do or Die” twist in Episode 11 of Survivor 41.

The infamous “Do or Die” twist first appeared on episode 11 of “Survivor 41,” where host Jeff Probst explained that the final 7 contestants would be given the option to compete in the individual immunity challenge that day.

Of the contestants, the first-place finisher took part in a ‘gamble’ where he ‘died’ (i.e. was immediately eliminated from the game and put before the jury) in the event of a loss and no vote would take place that night. However, if they won, they would be safe from the vote. The person who ended up being forced to play the game was eventual runner-up Deshawn Radden.

The challenge turned out to be a Monty Hall style problem, with Probst giving Deshawn a choice of three cases; One of them was certain, and two of them meant certain “death”. After the player chose one, Probst removed one of the two remaining boxes, giving them the option to reverse their decision if they wished.

Contrary to what the Monty Hall problem would say, Deshawn chose to stick with his choice in season 41. In the end, however, it stood him in good stead since he had opted for the safebox the entire time (said Deshawn later he had never heard of the Monty Hall problem and probably would have switched had he known about it; in a way his ignorance saved him). Whoever is next on Do or Die may not be so lucky.

Probst teases ‘Do or Die’ return in upcoming teaser

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Probst is known for hailing Seasons 41 and 42 as the “new era” of Survivor, filled with unpredictability and uncertainty that will force players to adapt on the fly. This is part of the rationale for the huge influx of new twists (many of which ended up having little impact on the game anyway) and probably why Probst and the production decided to essentially use “41” as a template for “42 ‘ – meaning the entire layout is virtually identical to the current season (largely aided by the fact that the ’42’ contestants haven’t seen ’41’).

When it came to Do or Die, that was more or less confirmed a preview for the upcoming 11th episode (above), in which Probst told the final 7 contestants that “today’s challenge has a twist, and it’s a dangerous one”. The clip then shows a frustrated Drea Wheeler moaning in a confessional, “I can’t…”

Will Drea be the first to fall out of the next immunity challenge? Unlike Deshawn, will the next player forced to participate in Do or Die “die”?

Tune in on CBS next Wednesday at 8 p.m. Eastern to find out. The three-hour finale of Survivor 42 will air Wednesday, May 25, 2022. The controversial “Survivor” twist is coming back soon

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