The first statue of the Elden ring stuck in the graveyard

The The first statue of the Elden Granded Graveyard ring is the first place you’ll encounter, as well as the first white mist barrier, and beyond it are the Fringe Folk Heroes Grave and Ulcerated Tree Spirit dungeons. Seems like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? So how do you actually drop the wall of fog and go in? And what does the imp statue have to do with it? Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything you need to know in this guide.

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The first statue of the Elden ring stuck in the graveyard

Elden Ring First Imp statue at the grounded graveyard – Use the keyword Stonesword

You need to use a Keyword Stonesword on the first Elden Ring imp statue in the Stranded Graveyard to remove white fog barrier and unlock access to the Fringe Folk Heroes Grave dungeon (actually called Fringefolk Hero’s Grave) and its boss, Ulcerated Tree Spirit. Early in this game, the only way you can access the Stonesword Keyword is if you choose it as Hold on to the start of the game. Just approach the statue and investigate it. The game will ask if you want to use the Stonesword Key on it. Choose yes, and the wall of fog will disappear.

Before you do this, we must tell you that the area beyond the fog is extremely difficult. We really don’t recommend trying it until you’re at least level 30. If you don’t believe me and don’t mind spoilers, then keep reading. See if you think you can handle the dungeon.

Fringe Folk Heroes Grave – Ulcerated Tree Spirit Boss

The Fringe Folk Heroes Grave dungeon (real name Fringefolk Hero’s Grave) and the boss Ulcerated Tree Spirit await you after you use the Stonesword Key on the first statue at the Stranded Graveyard in the Elden Ring. The first thing you have to do is jump into the poisonous water, the poison emits very quickly. You have to run around the right corner before it starts stealing your health. However, don’t run too far, lest you hit a giant mechanized war chariot that will kill you.

So your task now is to go all the way to the bottom while dodging the tank by diving into the alcoves on either side. There will be enemies in this, so be careful. And that’s a way down. When you get to the end, sprint around and to the right, and you’ll hit a wall of yellow fog. Yes, that’s where the ulcerated Tree God awaits you, and it’s a ferocious boss. Luckily, there’s the Stake of Marika right outside, so you don’t have to go through the entire dungeon as you inevitably have to die before the tree spirit.

Your reward for defeating Ulcerated Tree Spirit will be one Golden Seeds and the ashes of the exiled Knight Oleg. So pretty good. However, I must reiterate, do not attempt to try this dungeon in the beginning. Wait at least until level 30 or so. The first statue of the Elden ring stuck in the graveyard

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