The Most Romantic Zodiac Signs: These 3 are the zodiac signs to date

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Want to be wooed by a new boo but don’t know which characters will be the cutest? Let me introduce you to the most romantic zodiac signs so you can keep them in mind as you spice up your love life.

If you are familiar with western astrology, you know that the twelve members of the zodiac are divided into four elements: earth, air, water and fire. Each element has its own distinctive attribute: earth signs are grounded, air signs are fleeting, water signs are emotional, and fire signs are passionate.

For example, earthy Virgos and Taurus love having a stable home base, while airy Libras and Aquarians love being nomads. Water signs Pisces and Cancer like to stay with one partner for the long term, while fire signs Sagittarius and Leo are often cool with ethical non-monogamy.

Since water signs are the most emotional of the zodiac (dry those tears, baby Pisces), you would think that all three would make the top romantics list; However, I want you to know that there is a surprising fire sign on this list. Even though fire signs can leap from lover to lover at blistering speed, what you may not know is that a fire sign stands out as a hopeless romantic.

Let’s be honestIf you’re reading this, you’re probably developing a HARD crush on someone or wondering if you have what it takes to be someone’s boo (even if you’re a stone cold Capricorn). There’s a lot to consider when it comes to which zodiac signs make the best partners (like Venus and Mars placements, and fifth and seventh house signs), but I can definitely point to three sun signs that are the most romantic. Ready?

These are the 4 most romantic zodiac signs

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Behind that tough exterior and no-nonsense facade, a Taurus always dreams of romance. This is the zodiac sign ruled by Venus – planet of love and beauty – which means Taurus is attracted to all the beautiful things in life (romance is one of them). When you date a Taurus, they shower you with gifts, cuddle you with constant comfort, and even give you enough back massages to make you feel completely relaxed. After all, no sign is more sensual than a Taurus.

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Is anyone surprised to see Leo on the list of the most romantic zodiac signs? I’m certainly not. Ruled by the Sun, Leo loves nothing more than to shower someone they love with good energy and positive vibes. Whether they exaggerate you or inspire you to express yourself, a Leo will always encourage you to embrace your romantic side. If you’re dating, you better prepare for grand displays of love that will make everyone jealous of your over-the-top love. Valentine’s Day is definitely no joke for a Leo!

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Let’s face it – Libras are embarrassingly romantic. They love nothing more than the process of courting and falling in love with someone, one date at a time. In fact, they get nervous when they’re single for too long! When they are in the dating game, they dominate the field because nobody understands the rules of the love game better than a Libra. Ruled by Venus, this zodiac sign is all about the sparks that fly when two people are madly in love. Libras are natural flirts who always have a little black book, but when they’re into you, they *really* are into you.

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No zodiac sign is more obsessed with romance than a Pisces. After all, Pisces is literally the zodiac sign of fantasy and alternate realities, and isn’t the point of romance to make life seem more magical? If you’re dating a Pisces, look forward to sweet love letters, extra-long cuddle sessions, and talking about your feelings. Pisces aren’t afraid to drift away from the real world every now and then, and when a Pisces is in love with you, reality feels so much more bearable!

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