The nurse places the twins next to the dying mother and five minutes later a real miracle happens…

A mother tragically dies giving birth to her twins, her husband goes berserk and does something scary. This irresponsible action of a clumsy doctor caused terrible internal bleeding. In the body of a young pregnant woman who quickly lost leader and leader. Of the vital red liquid like her. Struggled to stay alive, all because of the irresponsible doctor on duty now facing the consequences of his actions and incompetence.

Today you will learn the story of Augustine. And Andre, two young and unhappy parents who always dreamed of raising a family full of faith in God and many children. Unfortunately, nothing would prepare them for the sheer horror and tragedy they would experience during the birth of their first children. Augustina was young and healthy new. A mother who was longingly waiting for the day when she could finally hold her in her arms.

Her twin Miguel’s tiny body. And Maricela, the first child of her modest family. What she didn’t expect is that her life would have a lot more. A terrible fate awaited her than she could ever have imagined. That winter morning, the innocent Augustine was rushed to the nearest hospital. Be admitted to the delivery room. The medical center in what should be a quick and easy cesarean section.

However, something went wrong recently. Wait a minute, and in an act of carelessness and lack of ethics, the incompetent doctor treating poor Augustina made a very gross incision in this woman’s stomach. As a result, not one accidentally punctured. But two important arteries that cause a very heavy internal bleeding. Ernst in the case in Augustina who. unconsciousness after a few minutes. All this before the incredulous gaze. From her husband Andre, who couldn’t understand what had happened to his wife.

The white and tender skin will quickly come off. Young Augustine took on a sickly shade between gray and blue, a product of the great loss of blood. She had slowly suffered like her life. Left her body to rejoin the heavenly god. Meanwhile, all the alarms went off in this hospital and workers ran from one place to another to take the pregnant woman for surgery. The rules that the hospital had. These cases were very clear and said so before attempting to save life.

From the mother, the babies she carried in her womb should come first. Be taken to safety, given two lives. The savings were worth more than one. Because of this, had the cesarean section. Carrying on to the final episodes, though poor Augustina bled to death minute by minute, Andre cried upon learning of such madness. Out in the sky, ask through tears and. The desperation that they would do anything to save the life of the young woman they loved, the person they loved and valued most in this world.

Unfortunately, the doctors and nurses ignored what Andre requested and added theirs. They irresponsibly hid the truth about the horrible caesarean and went to the hospital to deal with a possible lawsuit. At that moment Andre started to cry. Like a little child. Never in his life had he gone through a situation like this with so much despair and suffering. Andre and Augustina were a very united and loving couple. They constantly thanked God for good.

The relationship they had and the life they wanted to build. For a moment Andre remembered the day. He found out he was going to be a father. His wife Augustina nervously held the positive pregnancy test in her hands. That’s where her husband found her. Out, and that date would be recorded. Forever as the happiest of her life. Nine months later, this man was full of. Happiness, could not resist the wish. Cry while across the room in an operating room, the lives of his wife and two children were in grave danger.

Despite every effort to try. To solve this terrible doctor’s disaster. If the damage had already been done to young Augustina, her heartbeat had stopped after an intense struggle. While the doctors still didn’t do it, they did. Managed to get the twins out of the womb. It was only a matter of time. Before the baby was permanently damaged or ended in tragedy. So the medical staff tripled their efforts to revive Augustina’s lifeless body while another.

A group of specialists tried to extract them. Babies from the womb at any cost. Fortunately, this young mother proved to have. An unbreakable will and rose from the dead like an angel to make her children live as God intended. This is how the woman’s heart began. Beat again, almost. The doctors managed the impossible maneuver. The twins of the earth plane. Both babies were healthy and very beautiful. So much so that they touched them.

Hearts of Andre and Augustine’s relatives. These two little ones named Miguel and Maricella brought some joy back into the family. In these trying times, however, the celebration was short-lived as Augustine’s diagnosis was far worse than anyone had imagined. In a caesarean section, the babies are removed. A lot had happened since the womb. Of damage to the poor girl’s body.

Who had lost a pulse for twelve minutes? Fortunately, the doctors managed to revive Augustina. But there was a very high risk that the woman would remain unconscious forever or, in the worst case, suffer a cardiac arrest that ended her life. At that moment Andre was devastated inside. And with tears in his eyes, he held his baby while remembering his tender wife. As the days passed, it became increasingly clear that Andre’s life would never be the same again.

He had to take care of it now. His children alone while he secretly mourns the loss of his wife who is in a coma. Even on a winter morning when it’s raining. And thunder stomped across the sky, Andre couldn’t take it anymore. And in a fit of madness, while the incredulous and amazed looks of everyone. The doctors and nurses in the hospital. Watching him, the man went out into the storm and bandaged every part of his body with the water falling from the sky.

And with raised hands he cried out. God why did you leave me? After saying this, so to speak. A divine sign, lightning struck the ground, leaving poor Andre unconscious, . His desperation found no way out. All from the anger and frustration he felt towards the Creator for putting him in such a difficult situation. Andre, after receiving the impact, was taken to the emergency room and treated for a. His heart stopped for a moment. However, Andre says he just didn’t feel any pain after the shock.

He was transported to another earthly plane where there was no suffering and all was love and happiness. In this place the air smelled of. Roses and the floor were like one. Small creek going towards radiant light. It was there when Andre made it. See his beautiful wife Augustina again. While both appreciated the incredible creation of. Almighty, for a moment both were tempted to go to the afterlife, to feel that infinite peace forever, without pain, without evil, just the two of them for eternity. But they couldn’t go like that. Well, they still had some beautiful kids to take care of.

So Andre and Augustina held hands full of hope and took. Step back to return to earthly life once more. And miraculously, the heart monitors started registering again. The heartbeat of this couple, and both at. At the same time she awoke from her long sleep. Now faith is full certainty. Things you hoped for, the evidence of things you didn’t see. Faith in God is a life-saving power. It’s not a feeling No, it’s a belief in power.

From God to save us from sin to the uttermost that we must. Fight to get hold of it, then fight to hold on for our entire lives. But if we take faith. We experience the tremendous power it has to completely change our lives. But how? What are the real benefits of life? A life of faith in God? Don’t worry about anything. Paul encourages us in Philippians four six and throws all your cares on him because he cares for you, writes Peter in one Peter five seven.

Let’s only trust so far. We understand then we have every reason to worry about the various trials and tribulations that arise in our lives. After all, we don’t know their purpose. We don’t know what the outcome will be. be or what long-term effects they will have on us. And as for the future, there’s a lifetime of unseen circumstances that could drive us mad with anger. But if we choose to have faith.

Trust in God the builder. Who directs everything in heaven and beyond. Earth, then we are freed from worrying about our lives. God has a perfect plan for us. And everything he sends us. He sends us samples and tests. We, so that we can overcome sin and the virtues of Jesus grow in us. He knows the result. He planned our whole lives with love and care. When we truly believe that we have nothing to worry about, we can focus all of our concern on Him and focus our energies on doing His will instead of worrying about everything past, present, and future.

When we try to do good, we. Very quickly we come across our shortcomings. We find that we lack patience when. dealing with our children. We accidentally say snippy and cut things too. the ones we love When we muddle through alone. Strength without faith in God we become fast. Despair at our incompetence.

When we are confronted with these shortcomings. But if we believe in God. And the power of his word, we. Know that we don’t have to muddle around in our power. Two chronicles 16 nine says, for the. eyes of the Lord run to and. To show himself strong all over the earth for those whose hearts are faithful to him. We also read this incredible promise. Romans 1620 and the God of peace will shortly crush Satan under your feet. As we believe in these verses and all of Scripture, we will have confidence in our trials.

We will be perfectly sure that God will do it. Trample Satan under our feet. The result is certain. God will show himself strong in us. The honor and victory will be ours. Believing in it will make us strong. And courageous in our fight against sin. Friends, we have reached the end of this story. Tell us what you think of it. Write it here in the comment section. The nurse places the twins next to the dying mother and five minutes later a real miracle happens…

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