The queer icon you are according to your zodiac sign

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In case you haven’t noticed, queer culture and the power of astrology go hand in hand. And to be honest, all astrology is queer astrology! For many of us, the million dollar question to ask on first dates, at parties, and in Tinder DMs will always be “What is your zodiac sign?”. You know you love to ask that question (and I know for a fact that I literally asked someone that before even asking their name). Chances are, you’ve been wondering all of this during your Pride Month celebrations, which means it’s time to talk about the queer icon that your zodiac sign tells you are. After all, there is an endless list to choose from!

Astrology focuses on understanding that the movement of our planets and cosmos can reveal deeper truths about our lives. And because astrology helps you connect the dots when it comes to who you are and what you’re meant to be, it makes sense that it’s often treated as sacred by many gays and femmes. Ultimately, astrology is an art form and a language that speaks to those who have often felt misunderstood. If you are someone who loves astrology, you are also someone who has felt *seen* by astrology. Astrology peels away the layers of your soul purpose and shines a light on what makes you special and unique. And really, isn’t that what queer culture is all about?

Your zodiac sign represents your personality and your overall identity. It can help put into words some of the nuances and complexities that you’ve always found difficult to articulate. Just as the literal sun is the center of our solar system, and the odd symbol that best represents your zodiac sign will remind you why you shine so brightly.

The queer icon you are according to your zodiac sign


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Lil Nas X is a ram if there ever was one — a groundbreaking hell-raiser that keeps it real and doesn’t give a shit. Like Lil Nas, bold and uncompromising is the preferred state of being for those born under Aries. They aren’t afraid to speak their mind and will backfire if you have a problem with it. Independence, innovation and breaking down barriers are essential for Aries, and who does that better than our beloved Montero? “Just try to make your own way,” advises Lil Nax X, and who makes your own way better than an Aries?


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Cher isn’t queer (we know that), but she’s pretty much the fairy drag mom of us gays — with the sparkles to prove it. Like Cher’s long, successful career, when something works for a Taurus, they stick with it. Headstrong, secure, doting and sensual – a Taurus loves simple pleasures and steers clear of drama. This Cher quote pretty much sums up the Taurus vibe: “I’m really gentle and I’m really sweet, but if you fuck with me, I’ll really wipe the floor with you!” Let’s not forget that Taurus also associated with money and stability, which Cher captures well. She made it clear — she doesn’t have to marry a rich man because she’s “a rich man.” drop the microphone!


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Prince is seriously the twin who rules all twins! Adorable, delightful and a master of communication – particularly through song – who wouldn’t be charmed by him? Whatever you do, don’t try to pin down a Gemini — they need plenty of room to experiment and run around. They can swing with just about anyone (as long as they’re cool). Like the Twins, Prince was a multidimensional, versatile being who always loved to change things – in his looks, his music and his artistic personality. Also, giving back to his community in Minneapolis was very important to him, which is a *very* twin thing.

Queer Astrology: The Queer Icon You Are According to Your Zodiac Sign

Photo: Val Shaff. 1996

Cancer is all about caring for your people, and if anyone knew how to do that, it was Sylvia Rivera. Cancers are often described as family-oriented, strong and sensitive – after all, they are the mamas of the zodiac. We see this in Sylvia, who was a chewy cookie; someone who would do anything for their community. She gave her heart and soul to support homeless and poor trans women, queer youth and drag queens in NYC. You wouldn’t exist without your mother and without people like Sylvia Rivera there would be a lot less love in the world. She was a central figure in the Stonewall Inn riot of 1969, cementing her legacy not only as a queer icon but also as a queer revolutionary.

STYLECASTER | Whitney Houston

Photo: AP Images.

A lion walks into a room and everyone notices – after all, its majestic charisma and radiant aura are hard to miss. Whitney garnered worldwide attention and captured the hearts of millions by leading the world in the 80’s New York Times to call her “Pop’s new queen”. And a queen she was! With a bright smile, endless strength and an infectious charisma, Whitney was the quintessential lion. As such, she didn’t take a shit from haters and always had a caustic (but graceful) comeback whenever someone threw shade in her direction. Let these texts speak for themselves –You have a problem with the way I am / They say I’m trouble and I don’t care.

STYLECASTER | Freddie Mercury

Photo: MEG.

You know Freddie Mercury is a Virgo when his stage name is *literally* named after his ruling planet. A Virgo can give off the personality of a prima donna, but that really just masks the softie in her. A glittering force of nature on stage, Freddie Mercury was known to be reserved and introverted in real life. In true Virgo fashion, he had to work and move at all times and was known to put others before himself. After all, selflessness is the name of the Virgo game. Often putting his art and career ahead of things like sleep, he happily gave everything he had to the stage and his audience. I mean he had ten cats and he spoiled them endlessly – they even had their own bedrooms!


Photo: Napoleon Sarony, 1882.

Libras are notoriously full of flair and eccentricity. Known for his extravagance, Oscar Wilde certainly did not fit the mold of Victorian society. His work and personality were full of wit and humor and he knew how to light up a room and liven up the mood. Aesthetics and beauty are important to Libras. It is fitting, then, that Wilde was a major influence on the 19th-century art movement of Aestheticism; a movement that was all about art and literature, for the sake of beauty. He literally wrote The picture of Dorian Gray, a philosophical novel about a man who never ages, who defies time and remains beautiful. How Libra is that?

STYLECASTER | Tilda Swinton

Photo: AP Images.

Is it any wonder that Tilda Swinton is a Scorpio? Everyone? Mysterious, adorable, and just slightly terrifying, Scorpios are known for their emotional depth and shapeshifting abilities. Does that sound like Tilda or what? After all, her career has proven that she is drawn to macabre, weird and complex roles. “I’m from the same planet as David Bowie,” she said in an interview. Fun Fact: She once slept in a display case in a gallery for a week, which is a commitment to art only a Scorpio can muster. Like any typical Scorpio, she exudes attraction and intrigue, making you wonder, “What’s wrong with Tilda?”


Photo: AP News.

You know Miley Cyrus, because who doesn’t know her? Miley went from Disney Channel star to “Wrecking Ball” singer, making ripples in music with her uncompromising self-expression and wild weirdness. Even when you think you’ve seen it all with Miley, she always comes back with something bigger; something nobody expected. Seriously, no one can tell Miley what to do and what not to do because she wouldn’t be listening anyway! And with all of her contributions and efforts to support the LGBTQI+ community, Miley has more than proven her efforts to connect with others, open people’s eyes, and bring the rest of the world to the world. What’s more Sagittarius than that?


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Capricorns are persistent, resourceful and know how to stay the course. It has taken a lot of time and effort for Indya Moore to rise to success but they are here and they are going nowhere! Capricorns hold fast to their values ​​and are often driven by a need to contribute something important to the world. What better way to describe Indya than as the Capricorn she is. Named by one of the most influential people in the world time, she even has the credentials to prove her impact on the world. Consistently uses her platform and resources to advocate for and uplift trans people of color who pose-Actress is clearly a badass.

STYLECASTER | Pamela ColmanSmith

The Craftsman Publishing Company, New York, October 1912 issue.

A queer, gendered artist and mystic of color, Pamela Colman-Smith was way ahead of her time. Born in 1877, she had a keen eye for the future (like many Aquarians). Her legacy includes designing and illustrating the classic Rider Waite Smith tarot deck (you know that). Nicknamed “Pixie,” she was a lively, creative free spirit typical of Aquarians. A bohemian rebel, she was an avant-garde bohemian and activist who delighted in the weird, otherworldly, and esoteric concepts that ordinary people don’t typically talk about. Through Tarot, Pamela created radical new worlds that focused on freedom and creativity.

STYLECASTER | Walter Mercado

Photo: AP Images.

What would an article on queer astrology be without the one and only Walter Mercado? Mercado, the ultimate Pisces, was a loving, trusting, and affectionate mystic with supernatural abilities and style. Pisces are highly intuitive and deeply sensitive people with creative flair and a therapeutic presence. In addition to being an astrologer, he was also a dancer, an actor, and as a child he literally healed animals and people with diseases. He exuded love and kindness and was called Walter of Miracles. Con mucho mucho amorrr, Walter, por siempre!

This story previously stated that actress Mj Rodriguez is a Sagittarius and we regret the error. She is a Capricorn.

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