The true story behind “Look at Me” is guaranteed to give you goosebumps

The supposedly true story behind “Look at Me” is guaranteed to give you goosebumps and make you constantly look anxiously over your shoulder.

Below we take you through the story of a creepy encounter between a teenager and an intruder.

What would you do if you found mysterious muddy footprints leading to your bedroom door one night?

Find out about the scary experience reportedly posted by a user named Theater Guy.

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The real story behind “Look at Me”

Look at Me is a short scary story that can be found at Scary for kidsa website that offers everything spooky, published in October 2019.

Among many others, a social media account called @ scaryst15084509 also shared the story via Twitter.

Look at Me is reportedly a real life experience from a user called Theater Guy. The story follows a teenager who has a scary encounter one stormy night when his parents went out and left him alone in the house.

One night when he was his junior year of high school, a teenager was left home alone when his mom and dad went out, and he spent the entire evening sitting at my desk in my bedroom doing homework.

The boy’s parents left the house around 6 p.m. and while he was doing his homework, he played loud music through his headphones.

That night there was a big storm and his desk was facing the window so he could see the rain and lightning outside.

This story is guaranteed to give you goosebumps

At around 11:00 p.m., his parents came back. As he saw their car approaching the house, the boy took off his headphones and as soon as his mother opened the front door, he heard her call his name.

“What on earth happened here?” she asked in an angry voice.

Confused, the boy ran downstairs to see his mother standing in the hallway with an angry expression on her face as she pointed to the floor and yelled, “Was that you?”

He looked down and noticed that the carpet was covered in muddy footprints. The boy told his mother he had no idea what they looked like and explained that he had been at his desk all night.

Both mother and son eventually realized that someone else must have been in the house.

They followed the trail of footprints that started at the back door, which they usually left unlocked until they noticed there was no trace of footprints going through the back door.

Suddenly, they hear a loud thumping noise that echoes through the entire house, and then the sound of the front door being thrown open and slammed again.

After running into the garage and locking the door behind her, the mother called the police and informed them that someone was in her home.

A squad car later arrived with two police officers, a man and a woman, one of whom stayed in the garage while the partner searched the house room by room.

The officer then returned and explained that there was no one in the house, it was safe to go back inside.

Muddy footprints explained

When everyone breathed a sigh of relief, the officer asked, “Whose bedroom is the top left?”

The boy’s parents looked at him and he told the officer that it was his room.

They followed the officer upstairs and noticed the trail of muddy footprints that led from the back door, through the living room, through the hallway, up the stairs, into the parents’ bedroom and into the boy’s room, stopping at his door.

Scribbled in black marker on the bedroom door, which was left open all night, were the following statements:

8:47 I see you

8:53 You forgot to lock the back door

8:59 You seem focused

9:24 Turn around

9:47 Look at me

10:15 Look at me

10:37 Look at me

10:49 Look at me

For more than two hours, someone had been standing in the boy’s doorway, watching him.

What would have happened if he had turned around?

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