The Winners of the Best FFXIV Furnishing Design Contest 2022

The Final Fantasy XIV Interior Design Contest 2022 has finally had its winners, and some incredible designs have been chosen. After a lengthy judging period, Square Enix announced the winners of the 2022 Furnishing Design Contest in a post on March 5 on their official website Twitter.

But with 153 winners selected, literally hundreds of different designs, finding your favorite can be difficult. So we’ve narrowed the 153 designs down to what we think are 12 of the very best we’d like to see in the game.

The top 12 winners of the 2022 FFXIV Home Design Contest

As noted on the contest page, “If an entry is deemed excellent, Square Enix may decide to include it in the game in the future.” That means not all winners will end up in the game, but here are 12 winners that we did definitely want to see added to FFXIV:

Oden Stand by ミライル

Image via ミライル

This traditional Oden noodle stand would sit perfectly next to any Kugane mansion. There are also perfect opportunities for role-playing, and the overall feel and atmosphere of the play is incredible. Honestly, just looking at this makes us hungry.

Daybed by Sapph

Image via Sapph

The day bed is a great space-saving solution in the real world, but for warriors of the light living the apartment life, it could be the perfect way to bring your sometimes small-seeming space to life with decent accommodation. We love how this piece has a modern feel, yet is simple enough to fit into the world of FFXIV.

Tower Bookshelf by シロハイド

Image via シロハイド

Since we’ve already covered our entire Free Company House with bookshelves, we’re overjoyed at the option for another one. This piece can also act as a pillar or be cut into a wall divider, giving it great versatility.

Alpine kitchen shelf by Teeth

image about teeth

The simple design of this alpine kitchen shelf makes it ideal for many Eorzean kitchens. Unfortunately, the existing Alpine Kitchen furniture set is underutilized and an addition to the half-dozen or so piece would be very welcome. Also, we really want to try the Paissa honey…

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Slobs chair by tokuni

Image via tokuni

Has an object ever appealed to you on an intellectual level? This is what every chair in our house that we’re not sitting on looks like, and it feels right to let our warrior of light be spoiled by the same amount of clutter.

Water fountain bed by Chi

Image via Chi

Sometimes your warrior of light deserves luxury. Not always, but sometimes. And this incredible water fountain bed would look perfect in the private room of a Free Company mansion or just in the middle of your apartment and taking up all the space!

Four Sacred Beast Door by じゅむ

Image via じゅむ

There honestly aren’t enough partition doors in the FFXIV chassis, and this piece would be absolutely ideal for any Kugane-themed house. The motif of the four sacred animals coupled with the sliding door aesthetic is incredible. We want it in game yesterday!

Nanakko Bear by おばけ

Image by おばけ

We’re not sure if mopeds and scooters are canon in FFXIV (although cars in Garlemald were canon crafted in Endwalker), but honestly we don’t care as long as this piece is included in the game. Forget the case, give us this Vespa-style scooter as an in-game mount!

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Ironworks Vending Machine by madishartte

Picture by Madishartte

Has anyone else bought all of the vending machines in Animal Crossing and built a little takeaway outside of Nook’s Corner? Only we? Doesn’t matter. Either way, this vending machine would suit both the rustic aesthetic of some of the Ironworks materials and the high-tech, high-fantasy combination of FFXIV.

Large Frozen Pool of Artae

Image via Artae

Rokutenza carpet from 黒須

Image via 黒須

Want to stargaze without the chance of bad weather? This incredible rug gives you the chance to see some of the iconic constellations as seen in the sky of Eorzea (and as used by astrologers). We love the way this would look in our in-game library!

If It Fits, It Fits (Sizable Cardpaper Box) by Demi

Image via Demi

Well, the Lalafels have their high chair, right? This box is perfect for Miqo’te, Minions, or really anyone. To be honest, we’re more into showing how cluttered our WoL’s living space is, but using it as a seat is cute!

Will there be an FFXIV Furnishing Design Contest 2023?

The interior design competition has grown into an annual event, with only a few breaks since its inception. The last interior design competition started in December 2022. We can assume that there will be a similar timeframe for the next competition!

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