These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Falling In Love During Summer 2022

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As the days get longer, the temperatures begin to smolder and the dating scene starts getting wild, you know that summer is coming in hot. This is when the sun shines its brightest, making it a time to celebrate love, creation and abundance. And if you’re one of the zodiac signs who will fall in love during summer 2022, count your lucky stars, because Cupid’s arrow is headed right in your direction!

Now that Jupiter—planet of expansion and adventure—is moving through passionate and whole-hearted Aries, you may feel eager to see the world and follow your gut instinct. And when it comes to love, all you have to go on is your inner compass pointing you toward the person of your dreams. There is no feeling more magical than the falling in love, and if you have a crush on someone, Jupiter in Aries will encourage you to jump at the chance to tell someone how you feel! And if you’re single, mark August 20 on your calendar, because that’s when primal Mars will enter chatty and flirty Gemini on August 20. You may have dozens of different suitors blowing up your phone, tempting you to dazzle the dating world with your impeccable wit!

However, everyone knows that love hurts just as much as it heals. Love is fickle, intense, and sometimes, it leaves you feeling out of control. After all, when someone has ensnared your heart, it can feel impossible to get them out of your system! Love withdrawals are real, y’all. And by the time a powerful new moon in bold and dramatic Leo takes place on July 28, a surprising turn of events may take place, forcing you to rethink your understanding of love. And once Mercury stations retrograde in romantic and harmonious Libra on September 9, unresolved conflicts and lingering misunderstandings may resurface, forcing you to talk about the elephant in the room.

However, if your sun sign, moon sign, Venus sign or rising sign happen to fall under Aries, Leo, Libra or Sagittarius, you have a *lot* to look forward to. In fact, you may even be on the verge of a romantic fling that makes you wish summer would never end!

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This summer, you’re the star of the show! After all, Jupiter will be moving through your first house of the self, bringing you an endless source of confidence. And when you’re feeling confident, you’re also feeling like your true self. And when you’re being your true self, you attract lovers who appreciate the real you. Embrace lovers who admire your courageous spirit, fanning the flames of your unquenchable fire! If they can’t stand the heat, they can stay out of the kitchen. You deserve someone who can keep up!

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You don’t need me to tell you that summer is when you shine the brightest. After all, your solar return takes place from July 22 to August 22, making you the main character of the summer season! However, your birthday isn’t the only reason you’re soaking up the love. Over the course of the summer, Jupiter will bring so much beauty to your adventurous ninth house, which could introduce you to someone you would *never* have expected to fall in love with. However, as Saturn lays down the hammer in your seventh house of partnerships, you’re also realizing that you deserve a relationship that is just as stable as it is romantic.

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This summer is bringing you so much love and beauty, especially when it comes to your partnerships. After all, Jupiter will spend the season moving through your seventh house of relationships, encouraging you to embrace growth and positivity in your relationships. You’re attracting admirers, suitors and friends like a magnet, so embrace your ability to manifest the relationship you’ve always wanted! However, as Saturn continues to move through your romantic fifth house, you may find yourself working through whatever may be holding you back from expressing yourself. Don’t worry if you’re “too much”, because you deserve someone who can handle your ups, your downs and everything in-between.

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If anyone is going to have a hot summer fling, it’s you. You’re not surprised, are you? You’re a wild and free Sagittarius and summer is the perfect atmosphere for your shenanigans! Because Jupiter will spend the season spreading magic throughout your fifth house of fun and pleasure, you’re *definitely* in the mood to flirt! If you’re craving a surge of romance, embrace it with everything you’ve got. This is a summer you’ll want to fall in love, make mistakes and kiss someone in the heat of the moment. I mean, why not?

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