These fan-made Paradox Pokémon would have been perfect for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet


Iron Hunter I need you in my life.

A stunning artist named Bulbbyboi on Instagram has taken to the platform to share his own fan-made Paradox Pokémon creations, and damn we wish they were real. These are some of the coolest fan-made Pokémon designs to come out in a while, complete with their own Pokedex-style entry detailing each Pokémon’s background.

First, let’s take a look at this paradoxical form of Zangoose and Servipor combined to create Iron Hunter. This takes Zangoose’s already badass design and boosts it by 10, giving him a more futuristic, mechanical appearance with gas mask-like facial features and an armor-like body. And yes, that’s a Sevipor arm, which is arguably one of the best concepts in the Pokemon franchise, fan-made or not. Mortal enemies merged into one being to create the ultimate machine of destruction. That’s the sort of thing that fans really want to see as Pokemon continues to take the futuristic path.

Fan-made Iron Hunter Paradox Pokemon design
Image source: @bulbbyboi on Instagram

Next we have Iron Blaster, which takes the popular Gen 1 starter Blastoise and redesigns it as perhaps the most powerful water hose ever. Seeing this variation of Blastoise standing on all four legs is a unique change and the secondary dragon typing can obviously be seen in the presence of her robotic tail sporting a very monster or dragon like face.

Paradox Pokémon design created by Iron Blaster fans
Image source: @bulbbyboi on Instagram

Now that you’ve seen Blastoise, this Charizard theme is sure to wow you. This old Charizard design recreates the big, orange dragon (but not really a dragon) that everyone loves and instead gives it a new design that resembles a traditional Japanese dragon, with the long, slender body and tendrils of brightly colored smoke evaporating from his mouth. Also, this form finally makes Charizard a real dragon. It’s kind of hard to accept that this was made by fans. Game Freak needs to get serious about hiring Bulbbyboi.

Fan-made Paradox Pokémon design from Burning Wyrm
Image source: @bulbbyboi on Instagram

Last but not least, there’s one more for all Greninja fans in the form of Iron Shadow. This paradox shape turns everyone’s favorite froggy ninja into a futuristic cyborg amphibian, complete with a ninja star on its back and colorful textures that really sell the whole look. The heartbeat-like features on the eye sockets are a nice little feature, too. There is a high possibility that Greninja fanboys and fangirls will cry inside when they realize that this is just a fan concept. Even those who don’t like the futuristic Paradox Pokémon can’t deny how good looking this duo-type Dark and Steel is.

Fan-made Paradox Pokémon design by Iron Shadow
Image source: @bulbbyboi on Instagram

If you like what you see here, make sure to check out the rest of Bulbbybois work on Instagram and follow him for all of his future Paradox and Fakemon posts. There’s some really impressive stuff in there, and the artist deserves more than the attention for all their hard work, so go ahead and show your support. These fan-made Paradox Pokémon would have been perfect for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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