This horror icon was a Jem’Hadar on Deep Space Nine

Kane Hodder

Kane Hodder

Friday the 13th star and Deep Space Nine stuntman Kane Hodder.

Here’s a scary fact: Kane Hodder turns 67 today. Even scarier, many Star Trek fans don’t know that Hodder, best known for playing Jason Voorhees in four Friday the 13th horror films, actually appeared in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine .

But it is true. Hodder, who played the killer character Jason in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, and Jason X; and in the video game Friday the 13th: The Game, appeared in the Deep Space Nine series finale What You Leave Behind. Corresponding Memory Alpha, he performed stunts as a Jem’Hadar soldier and was uncredited for the role. The credit is also listed in Hodder’s filmography at the Internet Move Database.

Kane Hodder

OutstandingKane Hodder as a Jem’Hadar soldier in Deep Space Nine.

Hodder’s resume is endless as he has acted or performed stunts in more than 200 films and television shows according to the Internet Movie Database. He has worked on major Hollywood studio films, acclaimed indie feature films and dozens of B movies. Among some fan favorites are “Hill Street Blues”, “House”, “Wishmaster”, “Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III”, “Lethal Weapon 3”, “Demolition Man”, “Batman Forever”, “Gone in 60 Seconds”, The Hatchet films, Charmed, Alias ​​and Impractical Jokers.

Not surprisingly, Hodder encountered more than a few “Star Trek” characters along the way. One of his very first films was Lone Wolf McQuade, a pre-Star Trek: Voyager western starring Chuck Norris and a very young Robert Beltran. Jason Goes to Hell starred Steven Culp, who later played the recurring character Major Hayes on Star Trek: Enterprise. Hodder played a commando in Steven Seagal’s hit action film Under Siege, which also stars Colm Meaney (of Star Trek: The Next Generation and DS9), Bernie Casey (who appeared in a DS9) two-parter ) and Glenn Morshower (who appeared in two episodes of “TNG”, one each of “Voyager” and “Enterprise”, and “Star Trek Generations”).

Hatchet III starred alongside Derek Mears, who played an Orion Guard on an episode of Enterprise, and Gremlins lead actor Zach Galligan, who guest-starred as Ensign Gentry on an episode of Voyager. Hodder appeared briefly in The Devil’s Rejects, which co-starred Star Trek: The Original Series guest star Sid Haig, Star Trek IV and TNG actor Michael Berryman, and DS9 guest star Deborah Van Valkenburgh see were. Hodder played the title character in the film Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield, which also starred Berryman.

Charmed cast Hodder for two episodes, one (“Sand Francisco Dreamin'”) as a stuntman and the other (“The Day the Magic Died”) as an actor. “Sand Francisco Dreamin” was directed by John T. Ketchmer, who directed two episodes each of “DS9” and “Voyager.” Guest stars in “The Day the Magic Died” were James Read (“Voyager”), Richard Lynch (“TNG”) and William Morgan Sheppard (“TNG”, “Voyager”, “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country”) “Starship Enterprise (2009)”.

And there are more “Trek” connections

According to Memory Alpha, Hodder’s four “Friday the 13th” films starred the following “Star Trek” actors: Craig Thomas, Warren Munson, Peter Mark Richman, Leslie Jordan, James Gleason, Michael Buchman, and Silver, Peter Mensah, and, as before mentioned, Steven Culp. And while there’s no direct connection to Hodder, Star Trek and Friday the 13th know the 13th.

As a stuntman and actor, Hodder is as busy as ever. According to IMDB, today’s birthday boy has completed 21 movies or shows that are currently filming or in pre-production. Hodder is also a regular on the horror convention circuit and has just been confirmed on his Facebook Page that he will play Leatherface in the upcoming The Texas Chain Saw Massacre video game.

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