Tiger at a rare zoo Shot to death for resistance Attacks on people petting or feeding it, police say

The Florida sheriff was forced to shoot and kill a tiger at a zoo Wednesday after the animal pounced on a man believed to be trying to pet or feed the rare cat, police said. .

The incident happened in the evening at the Naples Zoo in the Caribbean Gardens, located in the town of the same name. Representatives for the Collier County Sheriff were called to the park around 6:30 p.m. after reports of a man being attacked by a tiger, according to a report. Facebook Article by Sheriff’s Department.

Police said deputies arrived at the scene and discovered the man, a member of a third-party cleaning team working overtime, had reached into the cage of an eight-year-old Malayan tiger named Eko. The big cat has pulled his arm into the habitat. Police said the man was able to get outside the property after climbing over the initial fence.

The cleaner man, believed to be in his 20s, was trying to pet or feed the tiger, according to the sheriff’s representatives. Both of these activities are not allowed by zoo regulations and are described as “illegal and dangerous” by the authorities.

Malayan tiger
Eko, a Malayan tiger at the Naples Zoo, Florida, was fatally shot by the sheriff after a cleaning man tried to feed the endangered tiger and grabbed it by the arm, police said. This is a stock photo of a Malayan tiger and does not depict a dead tiger.
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The cleaning company the man worked for was solely responsible for cleaning the zoo’s bathroom facilities and gift shop, and its crew members were not allowed into any animal enclosures. any.

After several unsuccessful attempts to free the sweeper man from the tiger’s grip, the sheriff was forced to shoot the tiger to make him retreat. It is not clear how many rounds the deputy fired.

After being pulled from the tiger, the man was taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. A spokesperson for Lee Health Systems stated: “I can only confirm that we are treating a person who was attacked by a tiger.”

Meanwhile, the tiger is said to have fled behind his encirclement after being shot. Law enforcement officials flew a drone over to observe the cat, but found that he would not respond.

The sheriff’s deputies said only that a veterinarian had sedated the tiger and would approach it to check on it when it was deemed safe.

However, zoo officials confirmed Wednesday night that Eko died from a gunshot wound.

The sheriff added that the public was never in danger, and Naples Daily News reported that Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials also responded to the incident.

The big cat involved, Eko, the only tiger of the Naples Zoo in the Caribbean, and is believed to have been sent to Florida from the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle in 2019, according to zoo officials zoo official.

Eko is also a member of a subspecies, the Malayan tiger, which is rapidly disappearing and is critically endangered.

Woodland Park Zoo says “fewer than 300 Malayan tigers are still in the wild”, mainly due to “poaching of their skins and body parts for traditional medicine, habitat loss, agriculture, mining, etc. logging and human development activities, and being killed by farmers in retaliation for attacking livestock.”

As their name suggests, wild Malayan tigers live only at the southern tip of Thailand in the Malay Peninsula.

Newsweek Have contacted Naples Zoo in Caribbean Gardens for comment.

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