Today’s Wordle Answer #562 – January 2, 2023 Solution and Hints

The first Wordle puzzle aligned to the first day of the week in 2023 is quite versatile. The solution defines the act of avoiding something by going around it. Dodging or circling around also comes to mind with this word. Interestingly, the answer in its noun form also refers to a garment—not just any garment, but one of the first and oldest garments mankind began to wear, originally made from animal skins or fleece.

If you’ve seen the acclaimed animated action-horror “Primal,” well, that’s the only piece of clothing worn by the gibberish-speaking Neanderthal protagonist fans know as Spear. As the clock passed from prehistoric times to the majestic Egyptian civilization, it became a linen garment with intricate designs adorning it. Shape and styling varied, but this garment – worn by both men and women – has been passed down from different civilizations and through the Middle Ages to modern times. Here’s another clue: the word has only one vowel, an “I” right in the middle.

It’s part of our fashionista genes

If you’re here, you clearly haven’t cracked the code yet. The answer is skirt, the modest dress that is usually wrapped and comes in a variety of shapes and forms but is easily recognizable on every continent on earth. Interestingly, the first proper cloth-based skirts were apparently styled for Egyptian men (via the State University of New York) while women wore long robes. It looks like Brad Pitt wanted to pay homage to this piece of history when he walked the red carpet of his action movie Bullet Train in a skirt. He defended his fashion choice by arguing that “we’re all going to die, so let’s screw it up,” according to Variety.

The length of the skirt changed over time, but it was the 20th century when its popularity among women exploded, according to Fashion Gone Rogue, when variations like the maxi skirt, tencel skirt, midi skirt, and pencil skirt hit the shelves. To get a little on the etymological side of things, the word rock is said to be a derivative of the Old English term “rock” and the Old Norse word “skyrta” (via Etymonline). A famous quote about skirts comes from Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan, who is quoted as saying, “Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that the length of your skirt is a measure of your character.” Today’s Wordle Answer #562 – January 2, 2023 Solution and Hints

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