Top 10 best movies like Creep

Creep is one of the most notable horror films of the last decade. Appropriately creepy, the film sets the premise of a serial killer tricking his victim into recording his activities. While Mark Duplass’s performance is outstanding, the film itself has plenty of other alternatives for fans to watch.

The general outline of the films feature either one or more villains who develop unhealthy obsessions. They also tend to have creative methods of luring and preying on their victims, which links them to creep. Viewers who love being freaked out by unsympathetic villains with deadly motives need to watch these. With that in mind, here are the Top 10 best movies like Creep.

mom (2019)

Ma distributed by Universal Pictures
Image Credit: Universal Pictures

Ma is about a lonely woman, Sue Ann, who was bullied when she was at school. As a result, she is emotionally scarred and, despite her middle age, befriends a group of high schoolers. Sue Ann first meets the kids as a cool older woman before she begins to terrorize them by controlling their actions.

Like Creep, Ma relies on making the characters extremely restless around the antagonist who is spiraling out of control. Like the villain in Creep, Sue Ann has a dark sense of humor which she shows by “pulling a prank” on her victims. Even though she does terrible things, there is also a certain sympathy that viewers will feel for Sue Ann due to her sad backstory.

Silence (2016)

Hush is distributed by Netflix
Image source: Netflix

Before Mike Flanagan was known for creating popular Netflix shows like The Midnight Club, he directed another horror story, Hush. The film is about a deaf and dumb woman who is being pursued in her home by a murderer. The villain has no motive other than to be amused at the prospect of taking the life of someone who can’t hear where they are or call for help.

Hush takes a page from Creep’s book in the way the killer has an insane sense of humor. The antagonist similarly has many chances to claim its victim, but only prolongs it for the thrill of the chase. What is unique about Hush is that viewers are shown how the protagonist perceives her surroundings and witness her take down the villain.

The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007)

The Poughkeepsie Tapes distributed by Orion Pictures
Image Credit: Orion Pictures

The Poughkeepsie Tapes is about the discovery of murder tapes by a serial killer. Police are investigating them to discover his identity, which is filled with disturbing footage showing the killer terrorizing his victims before ending their lives. It’s a haunting film that’s not for the faint of heart.

Creep fans will get a hardcore version of the film as The Poughkeepsie Tapes has a whole load of disturbing kills. But it also contains the slow-paced vibe that makes Creep so chilled. The film is being shot as a found footage feature, which means all of the events look eerily realistic, to the point where viewers will wonder if this is a true horror story.

The Visit (2015)

The Visit distributed by Universal Pictures
Image Credit: Universal Pictures

M. Night Shyamalan has continued his horror film streak with films like Knock at the Cabin, but The Visit is considered his comeback film. After a string of flops, Shyamalan directed this chilling horror thriller. The film is about two teenage siblings who visit their grandparents for the first time and realize that something is wrong with them.

They take in their grandparents to find evidence of their strange behavior, only to learn that the people they are staying with are deranged murderers. Before the big reveal, the film has several nasty moments that allude to her true identity. It’s similar to how Creep builds on the bad guy’s damaged psyche, as The Visit’s grandparents also freak the kids out to no end.

Death Stream (2022)

Deadstream distributed by Shudder
Image Source: Shiver

Deadstream is a found footage horror film about a YouTuber who spends a night in a haunted house. He persists in his ill-fated endeavor to restore his tarnished reputation. But the main character soon regrets this move when the ghost in the building decides to make his night a hellish one in order to survive.

Deadstream is pretty much the supernatural version of Creep, with the evil being stalking the protagonist throughout the film. In fact, the ghost even poses as an overzealous and weird fan with mannerisms modeled after the villain in Creep. On the other hand, the film is much more comedic, with several instances where bizarre occurrences happen that will amuse dark comedy lovers.

Orphan (2009)

Orphan distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Orphan begins with the adoption of a girl by a family who lost their newborn daughter. Instead of filling the emptiness they feel, the girl turns out to be a terrible presence in the household. Not only does she upset the other children, but she also has dangerous intentions towards her adoptive parents.

Orphan has a big twist at the end that is similar to the one in Creep. The titular antagonist slowly and methodically ruins the life of the family, exhibiting sadistic traits that leave no duplicate of her evil nature. It doesn’t have the gritty realism that Creep has in its climax, but Orphan offers a fair amount of frightening scenes beforehand.

When a Stranger Calls (2006)

When a Stranger Calls distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Release

When a Stranger Calls is about a teenager who babysits the children of a rich couple. After her parents leave, she receives calls from a mysterious person whose threats become increasingly dangerous. The girl’s attempts to prevent him from catching her and escaping make up the events of the film.

Much like Creep, When a Stranger Calls gets progressively creepier as the villain gets closer to the killing aspect of things. The film has a spooky vibe as the villain is barely visible – he’s portrayed as some kind of phantom. His creative techniques to upset the protagonist hold things together and keep the audience interested.

Mockingbird (2014)

Mockingbird distributed by Universal Pictures
Image Credit: Universal Pictures

Mockingbird doesn’t spend much time explaining its premise and skips straight to the main event. Three groups of people are given video cameras and led to believe they are part of a competition to win a prize. However, things take a dark turn when they are told that anyone who stops the recording and follows the instructions will be killed.

Mockingbird’s similarities to Creep extend to the villains’ uncertain motives. Viewers are kept in the dark about what’s about to happen ahead of a surprise finale. The found footage format sells the setting as the main characters act as surrogates for the audience to convey the spooky nature of things.

River Spree (2020)

Spree distributed by RLJE Films
Image Credit: RLJE Films

Spree is a satirical horror film about a rideshare driver obsessed with becoming famous on social media. He turns his vehicle into his personal killing space and claim to fame, taking people’s lives and uploading them to the internet. But when that’s not enough, his deranged mind begins planning even worse crimes.

Spree is a bit like Creep on wheels as both antagonists are the same in the way they kill for fun. The film doesn’t do much more than reiterate its main premise, but the lack of depth is a nod to how viral celebrities find fame. There is no doubt that the ease with which the main villain carries out his heinous activities will unsettle quite a few viewers.

The Voices (2014)

The voices are distributed by Panorama Media
Image source: Panorama Media

It’s common to see Ryan Reynolds in big budget films like The Adam Project. But the actor was also involved in various indie projects. The Voices represents his creative performances, in which Reynolds plays the schizophrenic Jerry Hickfang. His mental issues prevent him from realizing he’s become a serial killer when his cat and dog urge him to do so.

The Voices has a far more sympathetic character in Creep, but both achieve the same result of killing people. The film is told through the lens of Jerry’s delusions that usually cover up his crimes. But a few glimpses of the true horrors that happen after he kills someone are terrifying to watch. It’s the kind of story Creep would be if told from the villain’s point of view. Top 10 best movies like Creep

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