Top 10 Best The Last of Us Memes

The Last of Us has been a blockbuster title for both video games via PS4 and streaming networks via HBO. This franchise looks like it’s going to last until the end, so it’s only right that the interwebs community is having a good time and memes are popping up everywhere. To help you all have a fun day, we’ve put them together Top 10 Best The Last of Us Memes to put a smile on your face. These memes cover the video game and the HBO series, and sometimes it even gets meta.

Pascal is currently the leading series actor and in the spotlight, but that’s a good thing. The possibility of switching between the Star Wars universe and back to Earth for The Last of Us will keep Pedro busy for the foreseeable future.

As great as the game was for many fans, there are still some logical issues to poke fun at. This critical quip became so popular that Naughty Dog Studios made sure Ellie had a swimming feature in The Last of Us II.

This is a fun truth that has been featured in many films over the years as the actors and actresses need to look attractive to the audience. What makes this even funnier is how this trend has continued with video games that are 3D CGI models instead of real people.

After the conclusion of The Last of Us video game, fans demanded a sequel as soon as possible. The wait was so long that many memes and jokes had a steady inflow until Naughty Dog finally responded and gave fans what they wanted, sort of.

No form of entertainment is without criticism and criticism, and this joke definitely makes sense. Regardless of which perspective you’re coming from, Joel definitely needs to show some more variety in his facial expressions. After all, he’s human, right?

Another deserved logical critique: players wondered why it was impossible for Joel to simply grab the first knife he came across from the myriad of different homes and locations he explored. That would have made things a lot easier, that’s for sure. Make this more of a gameplay constraint of a developer than a logical one. Hopefully.

No matter what you think of the Last of Us video game, if you’re a gamer you owe it to yourself to at least try. And that for more than 20 minutes. Come on now.

Whenever a video game is adapted into a movie or a show, fans always worry about how the producers might ruin the property due to a lack of understanding of the source material. And rightly so. Depending on how accurate this HBO showrunner quote is, it’s amazing the live-action series Last of Us didn’t turn out terribly.

One last logical meme shows how different a video game is from a movie. In most cases, when playing a game you can take the time to fully explore an area to make sure you get all the items, find hidden secrets, etc. But in a movie narrative, the heroes would need to move to prevent that bored the audience to death.

This last meme is fun with meta-comments on the roles Pedro has gained prominence with. In a way, he does the same thing in both stories; Protection of a young survivor. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. Now all we need is Pedro to play the role of Nathan Drake protecting Elena Fisher. That would be super meta.

That completes ours Top 10 Best The Last of Us Memes, but don’t worry, there’s still more fun in the pipeline. You should also check out our previous Last of Us meme post for more laughs. If you liked this post, be sure to let us know, that way this won’t be the last… Top 10 Best The Last of Us Memes

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