Top 100 of Super Smash Bros. Inconsistent Melee: Mango’s Longevity Compared to Armada’s Peak

When it comes to ranking the top 100 Melee players of all time, the top spot always belongs to one of two names: Joseph “Mango” Marquez of America or Adam “Armada” Lingren of Sweden.

Both men have a very legitimate claim to the top spot, as any Melee fan knows. And sure enough, when PGSts made their own “Top 100 All Time” effort recently, they were the first and second place names, with Mango dominating and taking the title of “great” best of all time”.

The problem with this unpairing is the same as for many others: Choose which criteria are key to your rankings, and then work along those lines. The problem for PGSts, however, was that the criteria they could have used to rank Mango first and Armada second was not only slightly flawed, but directly contradicted other picks made in the same list. book.

Mew2King’s Law

Simply put, when you look at their record and head-to-head record, it’s very likely that Mango has been awarded the top spot at least in part based on his longevity, with the Americans already dominating. states before Armada did. the first trip is over, and continues to be a contender since the Swede retired.

In theory, this seems like a fair way to judge things, but there is a context that makes it less balanced and rational, and choices are made a little further down the list. The book also shows conflicting logic being used elsewhere.

We will address the second point first, since it is easier to illustrate. Right behind the top two contenders is Juan “Hungrybox” Dibiedma, followed by Ken “SephirothKen” Hoang in fourth, and Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman in fifth, leaving M2K fed up. . The HBox itself comes in at a rather unbelievable third, and Ken’s place against the M2K makes a lot of sense if you choose to value peak performance over longevity. After all, he had completely dominated the world of Smash for nearly four years at the start of the game’s life.

On the other hand, M2K only really dominated briefly, but played a lot longer, with his elite career spanning 10 years, from 2007 to 2017. He was active before that period. , but it took a while to make the jump from the lab monster to being a major legitimate threat and has continued to strike since 2017, but with much less commitment than before. this. However, as the shrewd among you will probably notice, there is an inconsistency in the argument from the PGStats team.

If Mango’s longevity deserves the top spot compared to Armada’s heyday, then Ken should be below M2K on the all-time list. Sure, he was able to dominate – although at a time when the game was much less developed – but in just a few years, while M2K remains a major threat and a top 5 player in little time. at most twice as Ken. By this logic, either M2K deserves fourth place, with Mango at the top, or Ken’s rating over M2K means Armada has been awarded the top spot over Mango, using the logic that peak > longevity in the list this book.

Melee Top 100 Ranking: Additional Evidence

There are plenty of other reasons why Mango’s position is – or at least possible – lower than it is. It’s hard to say anyone but HBox comes close to the top two, but it’s also hard to justify anyone other than Armada being number one with context and history taken into account.

The Swedes fought him so hard in his quest for greatness over his American rival that a straight-out comparison wouldn’t work, but somehow it happened and still appear with the Swede in the top spot.

From the moment Armada started coming to America, he’s clearly been on a different level than the opponents Mango has beaten. From 2011 to 2013, Armada competed in 15 major events in Europe and the states, winning them all, and he did the same in 2015, winning 10 major events without once ranked lower than the first time.

All of this comes despite quite a bit of a disadvantage when compared to his American opponent, who enjoys crowd support at 95% of the events the two attend due to the scene. Melee’s focus on the United States. Mango has better practice partners, and many of them, as well as never having to travel outside of its home country.

Despite all of this, the head-to-head record shows that during Armada’s time as an active player, he dominated the world of Smash, winning whenever he made the trip to states, and dominated Europe with an iron fist until his momentum waned.

With all that in mind, it seems the only real way to come to the conclusion that Mango is a Melee GOAL is to rate longevity above all else, which we’ve seen isn’t the case. by M2K and Ken.

There’s no doubt that Mango is the greatest of all time and arguably the most important player in Smash history (as he’s Armada’s driving force to go to the states and prove himself), but when it comes to choosing your GOAT, it takes a reasonable level of mental gymnastics to put him above his Swedish counterpart. Top 100 of Super Smash Bros. Inconsistent Melee: Mango’s Longevity Compared to Armada’s Peak

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