Tower of Fantasy celebrates its six-month anniversary with the New Amidst Miasma expansion.


Join the half anniversary celebrations!

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Free to play shared world ARPG tower of fantasy celebrates its “Half Anniversary” this month with special in-game events and a brand new update. Version 2.3 Amidst Miasma, released last week, added the brand new Miasmic Swamp region, as well as a host of new bosses, co-op instances, and a seasonal multiplayer mode.

Beginning February 9, 2023, players will be able to share their appreciation for tower of fantasy by participating in limited-time in-game events. After logging in, players can vote for their favorite simulacrums from a list of eight for a chance at brand new skins. That’s not all! The Miasmic Swamp region sends players northwest of Vera into a land of detailed vegetation that can dynamically change depending on the difficulty of certain quests.

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The biggest new feature in version 2.3 is the Miasmic Swamp region. This swamp links back to tower of fantasy lore in that it was the site of Aida’s original move. Mankind’s first ecological research station was built in the area, but an attack by gray space beings resulted in toxic waste being released into the environment. After many decades of decay, the Miasmic Swamp has become an untamed wilderness with little trace of human existence left.

Alongside the half-anniversary celebrations, players are invited to complete a special friend recruitment mission – suitable for both new and departed players – that will reward them with Dark Crystals, Red Cores, and more. If enough players on a single server complete this task, the entire server will get the rewards, meaning you’ll want to get your friends in on the action.

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Speaking of simulacrums, new ones will be available in Tower of Fantasy 2.3. These include Alyss, a blade-wielding Special Forces agent, and Umi, a newly appointed Mirroria enforcer. Alyss is a Frost alignment attacker and can transform into a fairy for infiltration. Her backstory revolves around various dreams that constantly haunt her and where they come from.

A physical attacker, Umi uses a long whip to finish off enemies. Umi is more of a bubbly character willing to help anyone and everyone with kindness. She holds secrets about the gray space creatures that players will uncover as they travel together.

Update 2.4 will also add Fenrir as a simulacrum. Additionally, tower of fantasy will begin to reintroduce previous simulacrums like Lin into the game for a limited time and add more options to the current list. Details on this companion and all returning companions will be announced shortly.

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For those who don’t know tower of fantasy is a free to play PC and mobile ARPG developed by Hotta Studio. The game, which originally launched in China in December 2021, became available to Western players last August and has built a large user base. Set in the far future where mankind has settled on a distant planet, users will explore alien regions and battle various monsters while leveling up their characters and battling against the devious group known as the heirs of Aida.

tower of fantasy offers crossplay support so players can play with each other on any device. If you’re at your friends house, you can pull out your phone and join them on PC to quest. You can also mix and match different mobile devices as both iPhone and Android platforms offer crossplay. tower of fantasy is flexible and allows you to team up no matter where you are.

There’s never been a better time to jump in than now tower of fantasy. Available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Steam for PC, you can join for free and explore an exciting new world today. Tower of Fantasy celebrates its six-month anniversary with the New Amidst Miasma expansion.

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