Trump’s presidency on technological advances

It’s scary how many times the Simpsons have predicted the future. From Trump’s presidency to Super Bowl results and Disney to technological advances, here are some of the weirdest things the show got right.

Trump becomes president

Perhaps the most famous prediction of all: Donald Trump is running for president. The Simpsons predicted this back in 2000, 15 years before Trump announced his candidacy. Even scarier? The accuracy with which they predicted a moment when he would descend an escalator.

By 20th Century Fox

Disney buys 20th Century Fox

More subtle than Trump’s, but maybe even scarier. As early as 1999, Gröning wrote a screenplay in which Homer suggested a screenplay for a film to 20th Century Fox, “a division of Walt Disney Co”.

By 20th Century Fox

The Super Bowl

Not once or twice, but THREE times The Simpsons correctly predicted the Super Bowl. That’s when people started to really take notice of The Simpsons’ predictions. In 1992, they predicted the outcome of the Super Bowl, which aired just days later. This could only be a coincidence, especially when they knew which teams were playing.

But then they did it again the next year… and then another time after re-dubbing an episode.

Isn’t that a coincidence?


While it’s not uncommon for shows to predict technological advances, The Simpsons essentially succeeded in predicting autocorrect. In 1992 Apple released a personal assistant device with handwriting recognition capabilities. It didn’t catch on because it was so poor, so the Simpsons made a gag out of it. Years later it’s a great gag about autocorrect.

By 20th Century Fox

USA win curling

The Simpsons were a few years behind on that game but could still predict the US would beat Sweden to win Olympic gold. Still pretty freaky.

Naked Michelangelo

In the first series of The Simpsons, Marge gets caught up in a debate about censorship – the result is that the statue of Michelangelo is put in pants. Pretty niche, right? Well, 26 years later, Russia had the same debate about whether Michelangelo needed clothes. None of us saw this coming…

By Bored Panda

The Shard in London

Even if this is just a coincidence (anything to do with the Simpsons at this point?), they still managed to predict the Shard skyscraper.

In 1995, The Simpsons showed a futuristic London with Big Ben with a digital clock face – and a building silhouette that looks alarmingly like the Shard. 17 years before it should be there…

2020 general

We remember well, however The simpsons predicted better. So much has happened in 2020, but The Simpsons nailed it. Springfield gets a pandemic and there are killer bees. Both of these happen not only in episodes set in 2020, but also in the SAME episode. This one is really beyond freaky. No one could have seen what 2020 would have been like except for The Simpsons…

Who knows what the Simpsons will predict next.

In other news, what breed is Cupcake the dog in Man vs Bee? Trump’s presidency on technological advances

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