VA prosecutor abets rape suspect, punishes victim’s father who dares to be angry about it: Report

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Elicia Brand, founder of parent group Loudon County, Virginia, appeared with a stunning column detailing how the county prosecutor has been much tougher on the father of an assault victim female high school sex versus her with alleged rape .

Published in New York Post, a special column about Loudoun County District Attorney Buta Biberaj’s battle against local parents Scott Smith and defending the suspect accused of raping Smith’s daughter.

Smith is the father who made headlines when he was arrested on June 22 for trying to speak out before the local school board during a hearing about his daughter’s alleged rape in a high school bathroom by a “genderless” boy.

According to Brand, who said she herself witnessed the arrest, Smith should never have been arrested, let alone prosecuted.

“I saw an activist yelling at Scott Smith, threatening to destroy his business and denying his daughter was raped. Smith reacted like any papa bear: He got angry and yelled back. Several people surrounded him and put their hands on him,” Brand wrote to the Post.

“Unbeknownst to him, it was the sheriff who came up behind him, elbowing him. When Smith jerked his arm away, he was thrown to the ground and arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The media portrays him as a white supremacist and domestic terrorist,” she added.

Biberaj, meanwhile, sought to put him in jail, though Democrats have run on a platform focused on reforming the criminal justice system to be more lenient towards real crime.

“Incredibly, Biberaj, who ran criminal justice reform and reduced prison sentences with financial support from billionaire George Soros, took it upon himself to prosecute Smith’s case, demanding a 20-day prison sentence. . After hearing the facts, the judge reduced that to 10 days of probation,” according to Brand.

As for the suspect accused of raping Smith’s daughter, he was supposed to be under house arrest, but that never happened. Instead, he was simply transferred to another school pending trial.

Fast-forward to October 6, when the suspect committed another sexual assault. Smith and his wife were devastated.

“The father endured this second attack hard. He felt that if allowed to speak out, this boy would never get a chance to hurt another child,” Brand wrote.

But in the end, she continued, it wasn’t his fault. It is the fault of both Biberaj AND the Loudoun County Public Schools school board.

During hearings over the summer, top board officials have repeatedly stated that high school bathroom rapes are not real. But evidence discovered in October proved otherwise, that they knew full well that the rapes were real.

“Horrible, we heard the Loudoun County Public Schools superintendent lie during that June meeting, saying there had been no sexual assault in the restroom. We were astounded to learn of the emails that revealed the entire board knew the truth but still failed to keep this predator out of our schools,” Brand wrote.

But it got worse.

“Imagine the indignation of the Smiths when they heard Biberaj, in a television interview, cast doubt on the boy’s guilt and claim that he had been sent back to school because of him. no history of this kind of behavior – when he did, in fact. , in elementary school,” she continued.

The truth of the matter is, she added, that “there won’t be a second victim” if both the school district and Biberaj do their jobs right.

The goal now, her goal continues, is that all parties – the county, Biberaj and the suspect – be held accountable.

Speaking of which, the suspect is expected to be sentenced on Monday. The Smith family hopes “he will receive an appropriate punishment,” according to Brand.

It would help, she added, if Biberaj had the courtesy to “re-offend these cases” as she “is an obvious witness with substantial bias as part of the process of allowing an attacker to accused sex offenders go back to school.”

“Her participation will demonstrate our leaders only want to protect themselves and their allies – and will not restore parents’ trust in our education and justice systems. after being harassed by those who allegedly prioritized student safety over political agendas,” concluded the columnist.

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