WATCH: Chanelle Howell’s Survivor Casting Tape

Chanelle Howell


Chanelle Howell

In yesterday’s episode of “Survivor,” Chanelle Howell became the first member of the judges for season 42. Howell’s game started strong, but in episode three she made a risky decision that soured her relationships with her dad tribemates and earned her an untrustworthy reputation.

In episode three, Howell risked her vote at the summit in hopes of getting an extra vote, but her plan didn’t pan out. She ended up losing her voice, which angered some of her fellow tribesmen. She cast a villain vote for Mike Turner the following week, which put a bigger target on her back.

Howell’s casting tape was recently posted online, giving fans a glimpse into her ‘Survivor’ strategy.

Chanelle Howell on her “Survivor” strategy

Chanelle Howell revealed she planned to play a “manipulative” game in her “Survivor” audition tape, which was posted by the YouTube account All winners survive.

The 29-year-old shared that a trip to Cameroon prepared her for the mental and physical challenges of Survivor.

“One of my favorite experiences was when I went to Cameroon with a small group of people,” she said. “We stayed in an orphanage. We lived like them. We worked like them. We ate like them. Everything I wanted I had to earn. If I wanted to bathe, I had to walk more than a mile to a creek to fetch water. When I wanted to eat and we had chickens, guess who had to break the chicken’s neck. I did.”

Howell also shared that she was planning to play an exploitative social game, explaining, “I know what it’s like to be in a state of such psychological breakdown where all you have are the attachments you have interact with the people around you and I will take advantage of that. So yes, come howl on my shoulder and I’ll stab you in the back if you’re weak and won’t even blink twice over it.”

The Brooklyn native went on to say that she “doesn’t mind” manipulating her castaways to get what she wants.

“Speaking of manipulating people into doing what I want… I mean, I don’t mind flirting with a cute guy. I don’t mind flirting with a cute girl.”

Click here to watch Chanelle’ Howell’s FULL audition video HERE.

Chanelle Howell on why she risked her vote

Howell’s decision to risk her vote at the summit sparked a strong reaction from fans who felt she made a grave mistake, but she doesn’t see it that way.

In an April 2022 Interview with ParadeShe explained her reasoning and told the publication she feels secure enough in her social relationships to take the risk.

“I was so well positioned in my tribe. I say it’s the power of my social game, and I stand by that,” she told the outlet. “I knew everyone wanted to play with me and work with me. So if you’re going to take a risk in this game, I think ideally you want to be in the safest place. They don’t want to be like, ‘Oh man, my head is on the line, but I’m still going to take a chance.’ I was the safest I’ve ever been in this game. And that’s why I took the risk.”

“Survivor 42” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

https://heavy.com/entertainment/survivor/watch-chanelle-howells-survivor-audition-tape/ WATCH: Chanelle Howell’s Survivor Casting Tape

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